Fruits and Vegetables

Everything You Need to Protect Your Fruits and Vegetables

We offer a range of protection for your fruit and vegetable crop, including insecticides, fungicides and herbicides for high performance horticulture. Ensure your crops are protected for the most yield and profit at harvest. Our products are designed to align with your existing Integrated Pest Management programs and remain effective for years to come.

Innovative Solutions for Fruit & Vegetable Growers

With Corteva Agriscience™, you have a variety of options to protect your crops from pests, disease or weeds.

Fruit And Vegetable Protection Brands

Corteva Agriscience is continually innovating and developing new technologies to bring farmers the latest in crop protection.

The Right Products for Your Crops

We carry a wide range of products that provide solutions for a number of pests. Plus, our continual research and development leads to label changes and new product development.

Woolly Apple Aphid

Closer™ insecticide was recently upgraded from suppression to control for woolly apple aphid, giving you even greater confidence in your crop.

Mullein Bug

Closer is now labeled for control of mullein bug, giving you one more option for your crop.

Lepidopterous Pests

Delegate™ insecticide is the smart choice for control of numerous lepidopterous pests and thrips, as well as spotted wing drosophila in many fruit and vegetable crops.


Our collection of spray guides and crop books will guide you through which product to use depending on the pest or disease pressures you face, as well as application timing.

Field of potatoes

Vegetable Crop Book

Discover which products will work best for the pressures and crops on your farm.

Download Vegetable Crop Book

Fruit and Berry Crop Book

Target the specific challengesyour fruit and berry crops face for a stronger harvest.

Download Fruit and Berry Crop Book

Apple Crop Book

Ensure your apples can reach their full potential with the right products from Corteva Agriscience.

Download Apple Crop Book

Meet Your Horticulture Experts

Want to speak with a horticulture specialist? Chantal Veilleux and Lisa Jarrett, along with Corteva Agriscience, are dedicated to seeing your crops do their best, and they are ready to support you no matter which insect, disease or weed pressure you face.

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