Everything You Need to Protect Your Fruits and Vegetables

We offer a range of protection for your fruit and vegetable crop, including insecticides, fungicides and herbicides for high performance horticulture. Ensure your crops are protected for the most yield and profit at harvest. Our products are designed to align with your existing Integrated Pest Management programs and remain effective for years to come.

The Right Products for your Crops

We carry a wide range of products that provide solutions for a number of pests. Plus, our continual research and development leads to label changes and new product development.

green leafhopper on a leaf

Target sap-feeding insects

Use Closer™ insecticide for quick and effective control of aphids, leafhoppers, tarnished plant bugs and scale insects in your vegetable and fruit crops.

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colorado potato beetle on a leaf

Colorado potato beetle

Delegate™ insecticide provides contact and residual control of Colorado potato beetle to ensure a high-quality potato crop at harvest.

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close up of powdery mildew on a leaf

Control powdery mildew

Fontelis™ fungicide delivers a residual, preventative and post-infection activity against key fruit and vegetable diseases such as botrytis, powdery mildew, leaf spot and rust.

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Innovative Solutions for Fruit & Vegetable Growers

With Corteva Agriscience™, you have a variety of options to protect your crops from pests, disease or weeds. Select your crop below to find the product that's right for you.

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Acapela™ is a unique group 11 fungicide that controls white mould. Its unique movement properties provide complete coverage and superior protection for healthier crops, with higher yield potential.



Accent™ has all you need in grassy weed control in corn: excellent control, crop safety, wide window of application and re-cropping flexibility.

Accent™ IS


Accent IS herbicide delivers outstanding control of annual and perennial grass weeds in field corn, seed corn and sweet corn.

Amity WDG


The herbicide option for Clearfield® canola in the Peace Country.

Ares™ SN


The performance standard in weed control for Clearfield® canola.



Aspect™ herbicide provides vegetation managers with extended control of woody species and broadleaf weeds.

Attain XC


Attain™ XC provides extra-concentrated excellence on 40 of today’s toughest broadleaf weeds in all soil zones in Western Canada.



Avenza is powerful broadleaf weed control combined with trusted Group 1 chemistry.

Broadstrike™ RC


Use Broadstrike™ RC in conventional, conservation tillage or no-till corn and soybean production systems to control a wide range of broadleaf weeds.

Canopy PRO


Early-season weed control in GT and IP soybeans just got easier.

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Resistance Management

Corteva Agriscience™ strongly supports and is committed to following integrated pest management strategies, which includes resistance management practices. There are many factors which can impact resistance development in pests. Producers should implement strategies to prevent the onset of resistance.

What are the recommended resistance management strategies?

  • Follow application rates as per label.
  • Ensure the correct water volume for adequate coverage.
  • Be aware of water quality and necessary pH requirements.
  • Monitor to ensure correct application timing and thresholds.
  • Target pests at their most susceptible stage.
  • Do not apply more than two consecutive applications of the same chemistry group, per generation, per year.

Meet Your Horticulture Experts

Our horticulture specialists are dedicated to seeing your crops do their best and are ready to support you no matter which insect, disease or weed pressure you face. 

Lisa Jarrett

headshot of lisa jarrett

Regional Account Manager, British Columbia








Having grown up in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, Lisa has built a career in agriculture, specializing in tree fruits. While completing her Bachelor of Science degree in applied soil science, she worked as a summer student at the BC Ministry of Agriculture on a soil moisture monitoring program. This is where her interest in tree fruits began. After University, she started work as a Fieldman at Okanagan North Growers Cooperative, where she worked directly with growers on insect, disease, nutrient, soil and crop management.








Throughout her years in the field, Lisa learned the key to business success is driven by people. That’s why in her current role at Corteva Agriscience, she takes an integrated approach, to provide the best recommendation for each customer’s unique situation.








Lisa likes to spend her free time hiking, skiing and immersed in the local art, culture and culinary scene, belonging to a local weaver’s guild. She’s also very passionate about supporting local farmers and is a proud advocate of putting local on the table. 








Justin Toner

Photo of Justin Toner

Regional Account Manager, Atlantic Canada

Born and raised on a potato farm in Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Justin always knew he would pursue a career in agriculture. Upon graduating from the University of New Brunswick with a degree in Business Administration, he worked alongside his father on the family farm until 2013. 




In his current role at Corteva Agriscience, Justin works to support Corteva’s retail channel customers and growers focusing on key crops such as potatoes, wild blueberries, apples and onions.  He enjoys helping customers identify new opportunities to help their businesses grow and succeed.  Justin believes in a ground-up approach to crop protection, with regular crop scouting throughout the growing season to ensure the right product is being used at the right time.




In his free time Justin enjoys camping with family and friends, snowmobiling and spending time at the hockey rink with his two young boys, Ethan and Isaac – go Jr Cats! He is also the current President of the Atlantic Vegetation Management Association. 




Chantal Veilleux

headshot of Chantal Veilleux

Regional Account Manager,  Quebec

Born and raised on a dairy farm near Beauce, Quebec, Chantal was always interested in agriculture. Although, there was a time she considered becoming an architect, but thanks to an agronomist she met on her farm, she chose agriculture. While earning a degree in plant science from McGill University, she began her career working part time at an agricultural retailer.

In her role at Corteva Agriscience, Chantal focuses on her customers. She prides herself with being versatile, adaptable and most importantly, listening, to help find the right solutions to meet her customers’ needs. Working behind the scenes to support innovative product launches, Chantal looks forward to sharing exciting new solutions and innovations with producers.


Alana Respondek

alana respondek portrait

Regional Account Manager,  Ontario

Friendly, helpful and fearlessly optimistic, Alana could be described as a people person, but her true love has always been plants.

Both her mom and grandma maintained a beautiful garden when she was a child, sowing a seed that blossomed into a diverse, lifelong vocation. From her time as a tree fruit horticulturist, to running a retail garden centre, to acting as a park assistant supervisor, Alana’s entire career has revolved around plants.

Now with Corteva Agriscience, Alana is putting everything she’s ever learned to work,helping her customers find the best agronomic solutions.

Alana has her Professional Agrologist designation (P. Ag) with the Ontario Institute of Agrologists, along with a BSc in Horticulture, Agriculture from the University of Guelph. She resides just outside of Stratford, ON where she enjoys eating chocolate and hiking with her dog Echo.


Our collection of pest timing calendars will guide you through which product to use depending on the insect, disease or weed pressures you face.

Apple Pest Timing Calendar

Apple Pest Timing Calendar

Protect your apple crop from insects, diseases and weeds with our lineup of customer-focused products.


Berries Pest Timing Calendar

Berry growers can look to our lineup of customer-focused products to protect their crops against pests such as spotted wing drosophila and powdery mildew along with grass and broadleaf weeds.


Brassica Pest Timing Calendar

Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage crops are protected from pests with our lineup of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides for brassica crops.

bulb vegetables

Bulb Vegetables Pest Timing Calendar

Protect your bulb vegetable crops from insects and diseases with our lineup of customer-focused products. 


Cranberry Pest Timing Calendar

Cranberry growers can trust our outstanding lineup of products like Delegate™, Entrust™, Intrepid™ and Prism™ SG to protect their crop for the highest yield potential. 

peppers and tomatoes

Fruiting Vegetables Pest Timing Calendar

Protect your fruiting vegetable crops from both blight and powdery mildew as well as insects such as diamondback moth and cabbage looper with our lineup of fungicide, insecticide and herbicide products. 


Grape Pest Timing Calendar

Grape growers can rely on Success™, Delegate™ and Nova™ to protect their crops from insects such as spotted wing drosophila, thrips, grape berry moth and diseases like powdery mildew and black rot. Prism™ SG provides outstanding post emergent control of grass and broadleaf weeds. 

lettuce and leafy vegetables

Leafy Vegetable Pest Timing Calendar

Leafy vegetable crops are protected from insects, diseases and weeds with our outstanding lineup of products like Delegate™, Entrust™, Closer™ and Fontelis™.  

potato plant

Potato Pest Timing Calendar

Potato growers can rely on our portfolio of products to protect their crop from pests such as Colorado potato beetle, aphids and tarnished plant bugs along with protection from key diseases such as blight. 

stone fruits

Stone Fruit Pest Timing Calendar

Protect your cherry, peach and plum crops from San Jose scale, aphids, leafrollers and spotted wing drosophila with our lineup of insecticides. Control key diseases like powdery mildew, scab, and botrytis with our fungicide products for the highest yield and quality potential.