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Leave nothing behind. That’s a bold statement. Yet when it comes to pre-seed weed control in cereals and canola, we’ve got the products to back it up. 

What are the benefits of pre-seed herbicides?

We recognize the importance of pre-seed weed control and its many benefits including:

  • Controls winter annual and perennial weeds
  • Creates a weed-free environment for seeding the crop
  • Reduces competition for moisture, nutrients, sunlight, and space to grow
  • Reduces pressure on in-crop application allowing you to spray later on smaller, more evenly staged weeds, at lower populations, for more consistent control, and reduced weed seed return
  • Significantly improves yield potential vs. untreated crops
  • Easiest time to tank mix glyphosate to prevent onset of Gr. 9 resistance in your fields

Preseed herbicides provide true value for canadian farmers
Check out our information packed infographic to see all the benefits of a pre-seed herbicide application.

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How Does SoilActive™ Technology Work?

Corteva Agriscience™ offers four cereal pre-seed herbicides with SoilActive™ technology, created for extended broadleaf weed control. SoilActive™ technology controls the weeds you see on the surface, as well as the weeds you can’t see, for up to two weeks after application. That’s because SoilActive™ technology binds with the herbicide’s active ingredient and forms a protective barrier on the soil surface to extend weed control. Weeds on the soil surface are controlled, and any susceptible weeds that try to germinate and emerge encounter the still-live active ingredient, stopping them before they can establish. That means you can give your cereal crops the best start possible.

Drag image bar to compare a visual representation of pre-seed use vs. an untreated field below

  • Above-Below Pre-Seed
  • Above-Below Pre-Seed After

(Left:) Crops seeded without using Corteva Agriscience™ pre-seed herbicides with SoilActive™ technology. (Right:) Crops seeded with prior application of Corteva Agriscience™ pre-seed herbicides with SoilActive™ technology

control, Paradigm, Blackhawk, Intruvix
Left to Right. Control, Paradigm, Blackhawk, Intruvix
control, Paradigm, Blackhawk, Intruvix
Left to Right. Control, Paradigm, Blackhawk, Intruvix