Cereal Pre-Seed Herbicides

Stubble with roots and weeds

Leave Nothing Behind

That's a bold statement. Yet when it comes to pre-seed weed control in cereals, we've got the products to back it up. Corteva Agriscience offers four cereal pre-seed herbicides with SoilActive™ technology, created for extended broadleaf weed control. Weeds on the surface are controlled, as well as weeds that have yet to emerge, so you can seed into clean fields.

SoilActive Technology

Stubble with roots

SoilActive Technology controls the weeds you see on the surface, as well as the weeds you can’t see, for up to two weeks after an application. That’s because SoilActive technology binds with the herbicide’s active ingredient and forms a protective barrier on the soil surface to extend weed control. Weeds on the soil surface are controlled, and any susceptible weeds that try to germinate and emerge encounter the still-live active ingredient, stopping them before they can establish. That means you can seed into clean fields and give your cereal crops the best start possible.

Which Cereal Pre-Seed Product Is Right for You?

Get cereal crops off to a clean start with the right pre-seed herbicide. We offer four pre-seed options, each much more powerful than glyphosate alone.