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Leaders in Vegetation Management for Over 50 Years

Corteva Agriscience offers effective tools for selective control of invasive weeds, brush and trees for utility, roadside, rail and bareground vegetation management programs.

We take great pride in and are committed to supporting the Vegetation Management Industry with a leading research pipeline, innovative technologies, and technical advice. For the latest in product innovation and technical information, please see our full line of products.

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Leaders in Vegetation Management for Over 50 Years

The moments that shaped Corteva Agriscience™ as the IVM Experts.

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Why Vegetation Management?

Effectively managing undesirable vegetation contributes to public safety, benefiting many industries and the economy. Non-native species such as invasive weeds impact bio-diversity and are costly to provinces and the federal government. At the same time, brush and unmanaged vegetation on roadsides and rights-of-ways can impact wildlife, public safety and the delivery of much needed services. Responsible vegetation management is critical in establishing safe work areas, complying with regulations, maintaining infrastructure and preserving agricultural and natural lands in Canada.

Utility: Keep the Power Running

Schools, hospitals and corporations trust their respective utility companies to prevent power outages. That’s why utility vegetation managers are critical in preventing service interruptions and being ready to restore power quickly if outages occur.

Trees and brush growing into power lines can cause electrical power outages and make utility line maintenance much more difficult and dangerous. In addition, areas around utility substations require a vegetation-free zone to prevent fire hazards and ensure the transfer of electricity. By keeping utility lines clear of overgrown vegetation, line maintenance can be easily conducted while providing reliable power to customers

Roadside: Avoid Erosion, Flooding and Line-of-Sight Problems on Roadsides

Weeds and other vegetation like to make their home along roadsides. There are a number of reasons to control this roadside vegetation: motorist safety and line of sight, proper drainage of precipitation, road surface erosion, and preventing the spread of invasive species onto adjacent properties.

It is essential that vegetation does not block traffic signs or roadside markers. Because vegetation can obstruct driver vision at intersections or block the line of sight around curves, it must be treated and controlled. It is especially important that roadside delineators and traffic signs can be seen in poor conditions to ensure motorist safety. Excessive vegetation also can damage roadbeds by creating erosion, potholes, flooding due to improper road drainage off the surface and other hazards.

Rail: Managing Weeds and Brush to Enhance Railroad Safety

Safety and usability are essential for railroads. Heavy equipment moves at high speeds along the rails, and unchecked weeds and brush can reduce train traction during starts and stops. Weeds in the track ballast also hold water around railroad ties, which causes them to rot, increasing chances for derailment accidents. Sparks from the rails also can ignite weeds and brush growing too close to the tracks, which can create a fire hazard.

Brush that obstructs motorists' views at railroad crossings is especially dangerous. Controlling it can help avert car/train accidents.

Forestry: Forestry Management Helps Improve Forest Health

Foresters control vegetation to improve forest health and maximize the amount of timber they can harvest, providing increased profitability per acre of land. Whether used in site prep or release treatments, herbicides also help decrease the amount of time it takes for a tree to reach harvestable sizes.

Bareground: Safety on Industrial Sites

At oil and gas, and power and hydro facilities, keeping the ground bare is a matter of safety. Vegetation left unmanaged can create serious operational, safety and fire hazards. Other integrated methods such as mowing and hand pulling do play a role, but herbicides will offer more effective results, increasing the timelines between treatments and the need for onsite maintenance.


Stewarding the use of vegetation management products ensures satisfactory results, protection of desirable species, the public, and the environment. Corteva Agriscience places a high priority on stewardship and proudly train over 700 applicators and manager annually on using our products. If you ever have questions, please contact your nearest IVM Expert.

IVM Perspective on Resistance Management

The effective use of vegetation management herbicides is essential to controlling target weeds and brush, and ensuring environmental, wildlife, and human safety. Corteva Agriscience™ is committed to providing vegetation management professionals with the products, tools, and education to get the job done right, ensuring the practices used are sustainable for the long-term.

Hay, Manure and Soil Management FAQ

Grazing Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Contact our Vegetation Management Experts

Corteva Agriscience Vegetation Management Experts

Lisa Jarrett

Headshot of Lisa Jarrett

Regional Account Manager, British Columbia

Raised in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, Lisa is serious about her role as an environmental steward. She believes in leaving the land better than you found it and is committed to helping her customers do just that.

From a family of foresters, she has a BSc in applied soil science and spent the early parts of her career as an agriculture Fieldman, working directly with growers specific to tree fruits on insect, disease, nutrient, soil and crop management.

With 15 years in the vegetation management field, Lisa serves a customer base whose challenges are as diverse as the natural landscapes of British Columbia. She works with applicators to find effective and sustainable IVM solutions for a wide range of sectors, expertly matching programs and products to the problems at hand.

When she’s not supporting customers, the mother of two can be found enjoying nature’s splendour on the water, hiking trails and ski hill.  

Mark Johns

Mark Johns

Regional Account Manager, Northern Alberta, Northern Saskatchewan & Manitoba

Thane Beagle

Thane Beagle headshot

Regional Account Manager, Central/Southern Alberta & Central/Southern Saskatchewan

Alana Respondek

Headshot of Alana

Regional Account Manager, Ontario  

Being a vegetation management expert means fielding different questions about unique customer challenges on a near-daily basis. It’s a big responsibility, for which Alana could not be better suited.

Alana’s life has always revolved around plants. It’s a passion that started in her mother’s garden at an early age and blossomed into a diverse career doing everything from running a retail garden centre, to acting as a park assistant supervisor, to her time as a tree fruit horticulturist.

She’s now putting all this accrued knowledge to work, helping Corteva Agriscience customers find effective and responsible solutions for managing undesirable vegetation at important sites like railways and roadsides.

Alana has her Professional Agrologist designation (P. Ag) with the Ontario Institute of Agrologists, along with a BSc in Horticulture, Agriculture from the University of Guelph. Friendly, helpful and fearlessly optimistic, she resides just outside of Stratford, ON where she enjoys eating chocolate and hiking with her dog Echo.

Justin Toner

Headshot of Justin Toner

Regional Account Manager, Atlantic Canada & Quebec

As part of his current role at Corteva Agriscience, Justin works to support Corteva’s Land Management portfolio with key customers such as public utilities, forestry and private applicators across the Atlantic region and Quebec. 

With a background in agriculture, Justin faced a steep learning curve upon starting his career in vegetation management in 2014. However, by asking questions, building relationships, and delivering tailored solutions to unique challenges faced by vegetation managers across Atlantic Canada and Quebec, he’s become a specialist in the field over the years. Justin says his role proves to be very rewarding by offering solutions that help ensure the productivity and safety of his utility customers while maintaining a reliable power supply.

In his free time, Justin enjoys camping with family and friends, snowmobiling and spending time at the hockey rink with his two young boys.  He is also currently serving as the President of the Atlantic Vegetation Management Association.

Where to Find our IVM Products

Corteva Agriscience has 2 distributors in Canada that you can order our IVM products through.


AdvantageVM has made it their mission to partner with innovative manufacturers of premium vegetation management products. For sales and distribution of our IVM products across Canada please call the AdvantageVM order desk at 1-888-560-5595, email at or visit


With distribution centers in Alberta, Manitoba & Ontario, and representatives across Canada, Veseris provides leading services to the vegetation management industry.  To order our IVM products, please call the Veseris order desk 1.866.572.8240 or visit

Industrial Vegetation Management Products

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Aspect™ herbicide provides vegetation managers with extended control of woody species and broadleaf weeds.



ClearView™ herbicide is the industry standard selective herbicide for the professional vegetation manager, delivering consistent, high-performing, extended broadleaf weed and shrub control with flexible rates.

Garlon RTU


Garlon RTU provides vegetation managers selective control of woody plants in a convenient, ready to use formulation for basal bark and stump treatment programs.

Garlon XRT


Garlon™ XRT is a selective, systemic herbicide that provides control of hard-to-kill woody plants and broadleaf weeds.



Gateway™ adjuvant is an innovative non-ionic, paraffinic oil blend surfactant developed for use with the IVM and R&P portfolio of products from Corteva Agriscience™.

Lontrel XC


Lontrel™ XC provides excellent control of Canada thistle and other broadleaf weeds in close proximity to most tree species.

Milestone™ NXT


Milestone™ NXT herbicide with Rinskor™ active for the industrial vegetation management professional delivers highly selective control of invasive broadleaf weed species along with lower use rates and tank-mix flexibility.



Milestone™ herbicide for the professional vegetation manager delivers highly selective control of invasive broadleaf weed species with low use rates, tank-mix flexibility and a liquid formulation.

OcTTain XL


Upgrade to a new level of broadleaf weed control in wheat, durum and barley.



Sightline™ herbicide for the professional vegetation manager delivers broad-spectrum control of broadleaf weeds, including ALS and glyphosate resistant kochia, in a convenient, all-in-one package.

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