Meaningful Moments that Shaped Corteva Agriscience™ as the IVM Experts

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Meaningful Moments that Shaped Corteva Agriscience™ as the IVM Experts

By any standard, 50 years is a significant milestone in the life of a company. By that time, you have history, character and culture. And if you're an organization like Corteva Agriscience, you also have something else: a tradition of delivering groundbreaking new products that raise the bar on efficacy, efficiency and sustainability.

For over half a century, we’ve been honoured to partner with professional vegetation managers to preserve Canada’s utility, roadside, rail and bareground rights-of-way. Backed by a leading research pipeline, innovative technologies and technical advice, our dedicated specialists have been and continue to be committed to supporting the IVM industry, ensuring our customers have the support they need to carry out their vegetation management programs.

As we embark on our next 50 years, we’d like to take a moment and reflect on our past – the meaningful moments that helped define who we have become.

1964: Picloram

In 1964, we registered Picloram, an active ingredient that set a new standard for controlling leafy spurge and many other noxious and invasive broadleaf weeds. Picloram offers soil residual activity for lasting perennial broadleaf weed control with good tolerance of native grasses. Today, Picloram is found in Tordon™ 22K herbicide and Aspect™ herbicide.

1984: Clopyralid

The highlight of 1984 was the registration of Clopyralid, an active ingredient that delivers excellent control of targeted invasive and noxious weeds, including Canada thistle, with the added benefit of good tolerance of native grasses. Clopyralid is the active ingredient in Lontrel™ XC.

1989: Triclopyr

Fast forward to 1989 and the introduction of Triclopyr, a game-changing active ingredient that provides excellent activity on trees, brush species and broadleaf weeds. Triclopyr is also selective with tolerance of native grasses and can be applied to foliage, or as a basal bark or cut stump application. This active ingredient led to the development of our current herbicides Garlon™ XRT and Garlon™ RTU.

1997: Fluroxypyr

In 1997, we led through innovation with the registration of the active ingredient Fluroxypyr, which is found in OcTTain™ XL and Sightline™ herbicides. This active is selective and delivers excellent post emergence control of kochia (including ALS resistant species) and other hard-to-control broadleaf weeds.

2006: Aminopyralid

By 2006, a new century was on the move, and so were we, with the registration of the active ingredient Aminopyralid. This active provides exceptional post emergence and residual control of broadleaf weeds. It is effective at low use rates and has a favourable ecotoxicology profile while being selective with tolerance of native grasses. Aminopyralid can be found in Milestone™, ClearView™ and Sightline™ herbicides.

2023 – Rinskor™ active

In 2023 we received the registration for Rinskor™ active. This active is a new and powerful herbicide with consistent weed control across variable conditions and is a differentiated alternative for broad spectrum weed control with a favorable environmental profile. This new arylpicolinate herbicide has activity on economically important broadleaf weeds at lower use rates. The unique characteristics make it a great alternative weed management tool in vegetation management, while controlling ALS, ACCase, HPPD, quinclorac, glyphosate and triazine resistant biotypes with rapid degradation in soil and low persistence in the environment. Rinskor active can be found in Milestone™ NXT herbicide.

Here's to the Next Fifty!

We take pride in 50 years of being a trusted partner and providing vegetation management professionals with the products and tools to get the job done right and ensure that practices are sustainable for the long term – and there’s more to come. We will continue to provide the solutions and professional support vegetation managers need to carry out their IVM programs. Along with our new herbicide Milestone™ NXT with Rinskor™ active, we’ve got a lot more on the way in the Corteva pipeline. 

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