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Agronomy • 2022-01-14

Field Perspectives on Western Bean Cutworm in North America

The Western Bean Cutworm (WBC) (Striacosta albicosta) has garnered broader interest in recent years following its range expansion towards the east.

Agronomy • 2021-10-06

Nematodes and their Impact on Soil Health

Beneficial nematodes contribute in various ways to the soil and are involved in nutrient cycles that boost plant growth.

Agronomy • 2021-10-05

The Perfect Pair for cleaning up weedy fields: Brevant™ seeds Roundup Ready® Canola + Eclipse™ XC

Brevant seeds offers high-yielding Roundup Ready canola hybrids, consistent performance and superior agronomic traits. Add Eclipse XC herbicide for outstanding, season-long weed control, and you have a winning combination.

Agronomy • 2021-09-14

Post-harvest burndown yields big benefits for cereal farmers

Bottom line, post-harvest weed control provides the same benefits of a spring pre-seed while controlling winter annuals and the added workload and time management payback you’ll gain in the spring.

Tip • 2021-09-14

Sprayer Clean-Out Best Practices

Clean your sprayer the right way! Follow our recommended best practices for the best results

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