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Agronomy • 2021-09-14

Post-harvest burndown yields big benefits for cereal farmers

Bottom line, post-harvest weed control provides the same benefits of a spring pre-seed while controlling winter annuals and the added workload and time management payback you’ll gain in the spring.

Tip • 2021-09-14

Sprayer Clean-Out Best Practices

Clean your sprayer the right way! Follow our recommended best practices for the best results

Tip • 2021-09-14

The soil health cycle: preserve today, provide for tomorrow

To help ensure your soil supports a plentiful and quality harvest year after year, you will benefit from a clear understanding of the actions you can take to keep it a productive resource.

Agronomy • 2021-08-10

Controlling Powdery Mildew in Fruiting and Leafy Vegetables

Seeing white powdery patches on fruiting and leafy vegetable crops? Powdery mildew might be the culprit.

Agronomy • 2021-07-19

Controlling Western Bean Cutworm in Dry Beans

For Canadian dry bean growers looking to maximize crop quality and yield across every acre, Western Bean Cutworm (WBC) can be a pest they face.

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