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Agronomy • 2021-04-13

Resistance Management in Canada: Best Practices for Industrial Vegetation Manage

As a professional vegetation manager, it is important to understand how weeds develop resistance and what strategies can be implemented to delay resistance.

Agronomy • 2021-04-13

The Perfect Trio for your Pioneer® brand soybeans

The Lumisena Perfect Trio is made up of Lumisena fungicide seed treatment, Lumiderm™ insecticide seed treatment and Acapela™ fungicide.

Agronomy • 2021-04-12

Weed Scouting: Protecting Your Crop

Scouting for weeds can be a time-consuming task, but it is essential to achieving high crop yields and managing weed resistance for the long-term. 

Agronomy • 2021-03-27

White Mould & Sclerotinia: Same Disease. Big Problem for Soybean and Canola Farm

While farmers can manage the problem effectively by reacting quickly to a disease outbreak in their field, the best way to protect their crop and their profits is through making proactive disease management decisions.

Agronomy • 2021-03-24

Pioneer Protector® brand canola and Acapela™ fungicide, the perfect pair

Here are a few reasons why Acapela and Pioneer Protector brand canola make the perfect pair.

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