Helping Canadian Agriculture Thrive

Helping farmers conserve resources and sustain the land

The collective success of Corteva Agriscience™ has been built on working to develop  exceptional seed, crop protection and digital products that farmers trust.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Corteva Agriscience™  has over 10 cutting-edge research centres and countless industry experts working closely with farmers across the country.

Through sustainable and world-class solutions, we are increasing crop productivity to help farmers get the most out of every acre, while conserving resources and sustaining the land.

Corteva in Canada


Getting More Out of Each Acre


Agriculture makes an enormous contribution to Canadians daily and with the growing global demand for food, local producers are being faced with increasing pressure to get even more out of their acres. Demands for high yield, exceptional quality and safe products are driving advancements in all areas of agriculture and most specifically plant science and crop protection.

With countless industry experts across the country and research scientists working in our cutting-edge research centres, our team is constantly making advancements and discoveries in science. They work closely with farmers from coast to coast, to ensure we are on the pulse of their needs and what is actually happening in the field.


Sustainability is Complex


We recognize that improving products is only part of the sustainability solution. By working with farmers around the world, we are able to develop products and resources that directly drive yield and aid in enhancing the use of water, nutrients and soil. As such, we are all collectively driving towards increased stewardship in environmental and sustainable practices. The details of the approach vary depending on country, region, soil type, crop and other environmental factors, but increases productivity, yield and ultimately makes farmers more successful around the globe.


Engaging the World to Make it Better


In the world of science and innovation today, collaboration is a fundamental part of progress and discovery. If we are truly going to improve the lives of those who produce and those who consume while protecting our planet, we need to connect and share ideas, insights and explore opportunities.


We are committed to not only collaborating with farmers, but communities, government bodies, agencies, and other businesses within our industry and beyond, such that we can all glean and learn, while taking care of what is most important: the future.

Advanced Science to Advance Agriculture

We invite you to learn more about some of our most advanced and unprecedented discoveries.