Effective and Sustainable Pasture Management

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Help Your Pasture Reach Its Grass Production Potential

To reduce weed, brush and tree encroachment on your permanent pasture, Corteva Agriscience’s Range & Pasture products offer a long-term solution with lasting results to help you grow more grass and improve the health and sustainability of your land.

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Corteva Agriscience Range & Pasture products effectively manage weeds and brush in permanent pasture and grazed rangeland.

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Improve the Health and Sustainability of Your Pastures

Corteva Agriscience™ Range & Pasture products are effective tools for managing weeds and brush in permanent pasture and grazed rangeland, leading to increased grass production and sustainable grazing resources for the future.

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canada thistle

Control Canada Thistle with Restore™ II

Invasive plants, like Canada thistle, thrive and spread aggressively. Stop it before it spreads with Restore II herbicide.

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Alive and dead buckbrush

Combat Buckbrush with Reclaim™ II

Brush species, such as Western snowberry (buckbrush), can rob your pasture of up to 63 percent of forage yield. Reclaim™ II herbicide delivers the most trusted extended control of buckbrush and broadleaf weeds.

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Control undesirable trees with Grazon™ XC

Grazon XC is effective against a broad spectrum of undesirable trees and weeds in permanent pastures. For tree rates and timing recommendation contact you Corteva Agriscience representative.

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Range & Pasture Specialists

Questions about our Range & Pasture Products? Contact your local Regional Account Manager.

Lisa Jarrett

Headshot of Lisa Jarrett

Regional Account Manager, British Columbia

Lisa describes her work in pasture management as “powerful”. She has witnessed the love that ranchers have for their land throughout her life - and she has seen that same passion from customers throughout her 15-year career with Corteva Agriscience.

Serious about her role as an environmental steward, Lisa works hard to find her customers effective and reliable tools that maintain the health and productivity of their herds and the long-term sustainability of their land.

Raised in the beautiful Okanagan Valley by a family of foresters, Lisa has a BSc in applied soil science and spent the early parts of her career as an agriculture Fieldman.

When she’s not supporting customers, the mother of two can be found enjoying nature’s splendor on the water, hiking trails and ski hill.

Vaughan Leuschen

Headshot of Vaughan Leuschen

Regional Account Manager, Northern Alberta, Northern Saskatchewan & Manitoba

Vaughn started his career as a field biologist, researching many of the same herbicides he now recommends. But he doesn’t just know his technical resources, he knows his customers. He understands each one’s end goals and bottom lines.

With Vaughn, what you see is what you get - and what you get is a custom-built pasture management strategy that increases grass production and controls weeds, brush and trees in the most efficient way possible.

Located about an hour-and-a-half north of Edmonton, you can find Vaughn hunting, fishing, kayaking, ATVing or snowmobiling depending on the season. But whether it’s work or play, the Saskatchewan native is always having fun.

Thane Beagle

Thane Beagle headshot

Regional Account Manager, Central/Southern Alberta and Central/Southern Saskatchewan

Range & Pasture Resources

Integrating a pasture management program that includes herbicides will help you control the weeds, brush and trees that crowd valuable grass.

Range and Pasture Management Guide
Make a positive change to the health and productivity of your pastures with our tailored range of pasture herbicide solutions.

Range and Pasture Frequently Asked Questions

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