Restore NXT

  • Herbicide

Restore™ NXT herbicide with Rinskor™ active provides selective control of invasive broadleaf weed species while utilizing lower use rates.


Why use Restore™ NXT herbicide with Rinskor™ active?

Excellent extended control of invasive broadleaf weeds

- Consistent weed control across variable conditions

- Lower use rate

Favorable environmental profile

Rinskor active is a new structural class of synthetic auxin herbicide that rapidly degrades in the soil and has a low persistence in the environment.


When applied at recommended rates, provides effective control of labeled weeds and does not harm grass or desirable plant species.


Now registered in the following provinces:

  • Registered
  • Unregistered

Technical Specifications

  • Approved Use
    Weeds ControlledWeeds Suppressed
    • Absinth wormwood
    • Annual sowthistle14
    • Bitter sneezeweed
    • Bull thistle
    • Canada fleabane1
    • Canada thistle
    • Cleavers12
    • Clover
    • Common broomweed
    • Common ragweed
    • Common waterhemp3
    • Cudweed
    • Curly dock
    • Fireweed
    • Fuller’s teasel
    • Hairy buttercup
    • Hairy fleabane
    • Horsenettle
    • Lamb’s-quarter13
    • Mullein
    • Musk or nodding thistle
    • Orange hawkweed11
    • Ox-eye daisy6
    • Perennial sowthistle
    • Plumeless thistle
    • Poison hemlock
    • Prickly lettuce
    • Purple loosestrife
    • Rush skeletonweed
    • Scentless chamomile
    • Scotch thistle
    • Spotted knapweed
    • Tall buttercup
    • Tall ironweed
    • Tansy ragwort
    • Tropic croton
    • Tropical soda apple7
    • Velvetleaf2
    • Western ragweed
    • Wild caraway
    • Wild chervil15
    • Wild parsnip
    • Yellow star thistle4
    • Canada goldenrod
    • Common yarrow
    • Common tansy
    • Dandelion
    • Diffuse knapweed8
    • Japanese knotweed10
    • Sulphur cinquefoil5
    • Russian knapweed9

    Bolded weeds are those labeled as controlled or suppressed with Restore NXT vs not labeled with Restore II herbicide. 

  • Packaging

    2 x 10 L case

  • Rates

    Acres Treated: 33 ac/case at highest labelled rate. For best results, apply at 0.6 L/ac. Restore™ NXT herbicide with Rinskor™ active requires the addition of Gateway™ adjuvant at 0.25 - 0.5% v/v.

    Individual Plant Applications: 15 ml of Restore NXT, 50 ml of surfactant in 10 L of water. Thoroughly wet, but not to point of runoff.

    Water Volume: Broadcast applications: Apply in a minimum of 20 US gal/ac total solution.

  • Application Timing

    When to apply: Apply to target weeds after emergence, prior to flowering and when actively growing. Only weeds present at time of application will be controlled. Avoid applying to plants under stress.

    Rainfast: 4 hours

  • Tank Mixes

    Tank mix Restore NXT from 352-607 ml/ac with 2,4-D for enhanced spectrum of control on the following weeds:

    • Bluebur
    • Blue lettuce
    • Burdock (<4 leaf)
    • Canada goldenrod
    • Cocklebur
    • Common plantain
    • Common tansy
    • Dandelion
    • Flixweed
    • Goat’s beard
    • Gumweed
    • Hawkweed
    • Hoary cress
    • Peppergrass
    • Ragweed
    • Stinging nettle

    Refer to product label for complete use directions.

  • Grazing

    Grazing/feeding is permitted on the day of application (0 days). There is no restriction on livestock grazing treated areas.

    Allow 3 days of grazing on an untreated pasture before transferring livestock to areas where sensitive broadleaf crops may be grown.

  • Additional Information

    Use Around Trees: Restore NXT should NOT be used over the top of desirable trees. Application may be made up to the dripline (outermost edge of the branches) of desirable trees. Use additional caution around lateral root systems, shallow rooting species and those that propagate vegetatively through layering.


Herbicide Spot Application Rates



Before use and for complete product information, please read and follow label directions.

Range and Pasture Management Guide
Make a positive change to the health and productivity of your pastures with our tailored range of pasture herbicide solutions.

1Canada fleabane: Bolting up to 20 cm
2Velvetleaf: Up to 3 leaf and 8 cm
3Common waterhemp: Up to 3 leaf and 8 cm
4Yellow star thistle: Apply to plants at the rosette through bolting growth stage
5Sulfur cinquefoil: Apply to plants in the pre-bud stage of development.
6Ox-eye daisy: Apply to plants in the pre-bud stages of development
7Tropical soda apple: Apply to any growth stage but application by flowering will reduce seed production
8Diffuse knapweed: Apply to plants in the bolting stage of development
9Russian knapweed: Apply to plants in the spring and summer that are in the bud to flowering stage
10Japanese knotweed: Apply to plants 0.9-1.2 m tall
11Orange hawkweed: For seasonal and 12 month control, apply to plants in the bolting stage of development.
12Cleavers: Up to 10 cm
13Common lamb’s-quarter: Prior to budding stage
14Annual sowthistle: Up to 3 cm
15Wild chervil: Up to budding stage and 40 cm