Corteva Agriscience Seed Brands

A new world of seed choices.

Premium Seed for Top Performance

Corteva Agriscience™ offers two premium seed brands delivering top-notch hybrids and varieties. Each is tested in local conditions, so we know they deliver the yield and quality you’re looking for.

Our Premium Seed Brands

Pioneer® seeds

Pioneer logo

Get the right product on the right acres with Pioneer® brand products. Our network of Pioneer sales representatives, supported by a team of local agronomists, will help you maximize your yield and profitability.

Brevant® seeds

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Brevant® seeds is all about making your seed choice easier by providing select products through your local retail, suited to your region and growing conditions. We develop and test our products locally for consistent performance every season.

Seeds From Corteva Agriscience™: Meeting Greater Demand With Proven Performance.

Corteva Agriscience provides the seed choices farmers need to be successful for generations to come while meeting the needs of a growing world population.

Leaders In Seed Technology

We believe in helping you get the most from every seed you put in the ground by investing in the best trait technology, seed treatments and crop protection products available.