Flowering canola

Committed to Canola

We are dedicated to continuing our best-in-class, industry-leading research and development program. It drives our canola brands to provide hybrids with improved yields, agronomic traits, disease packages and oil content. Roundup Ready®,  LibertyLink® and Clearfield® production systems are available now, and Optimum® GLY is coming soon, pending regulatory approval.

Our Canola Seed Brands

Corteva Agriscience™ offers high yielding, locally tested canola varieties to Canadian growers through Pioneer® and Brevant™ seeds. Brevant canola hybrids are available through select retail locations. For Pioneer brand products contact your local Pioneer Hi-Bred sales representative.

You May Be Interested In

When it comes time to make the most of your canola, Corteva Agriscience offers crop protection products and nitrogen stabilizers you can count on. 



There is something big coming in canola

Optimum® GLY* from Corteva Agriscience is a breakthrough, advanced glyphosate-tolerant trait technology designed to optimize growth. It gives you excellent yield potential, improved crop safety, enhanced weed control and a wider window of application – everyone will want a look.

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