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Lumiderm™ insecticide seed treatment provides excellent plant protection against both flea beetles and cutworms in one convenient bag.

Your canola and soybean crops deserve the most complete seed protection with Lumiderm insecticide seed treatment:

  1. Proven crucifer & striped flea beetle protection
  2. Premium control of early season cutworms
  3. Excellent early season seedling stand establishment, vigour, and biomass.


Benefits on Canola

Lumiderm insecticide seed treatment contains a unique Group 28 insecticide.

Enhanced crucifer and striped flea beetle protection

flea beetle affect on canola treated with lumiderm

Across Western Canada, canola growers are experiencing high flea beetle pressure that is causing significant damage to canola crops and growers are demanding a better solution. Lumiderm insecticide seed treatment provides premium protection from both crucifer and striped flea beetles.

Excellent control of early season cutworms

canola treated vs untreated

Cutworms are a real problem in canola production and are increasing in pressure. If you’re not paying close attention to your fields, they can destroy a significant portion of your crop in a matter of days. Lumiderm is one of the only seed treatments that protects your canola from cutworm feeding, which helps enhance early season stand establishment and crop vigour.

Excellent early season seedling stand establishment, vigour and biomass

canola seedling treatment comparison

When you’ve planted Lumiderm treated canola seed your crop will gain an advantage over both cutworms and flea beetles for up to 35 days of protection. This enhanced protection is critical during the first few weeks of seedling growth, which will allow your canola crop to thrive. Not only does Lumiderm reduce risk from both flea beetle and cutworm damage, it also delivers substantial increases in plant vigour and biomass. Lumiderm treated canola grows bigger, faster and more even than the untreated canola.


More than 12M acres of canola were treated with Lumiderm in 2022*

*seeding intentions as of May 1, 2022

Benefits on Soybeans

Industry leading protection against early season insect pests

Comparison image between fungicide only and fungicide with FST

Lumiderm provides soybean seedlings with extended protection against key early season insects: soybean aphid, bean leaf beetle, seed corn maggot, European chafer, Japanese beetle, white grub, wireworm, and cutworms

Favourable environmental profile & resistance management


Lumiderm contains a unique Group 28 insecticide, a non-neonic seed treatment option with minimal impact on the environment that reduces administration paperwork. It also has minimal impact on beneficial insects and pollinators when used in accordance with the label1

Excellent seedling protection delivers healthier, uniform soybean stands


Lumiderm™ insecticide seed treatment provides broad spectrum protection from early season insect pests in soybeans and completes the soybean protection package with Lumisena™ fungicide seed treatment.

Get serious seed protection for your soybeans and maximize your yield potential with Lumisena fungicide seed treatment and Lumiderm insecticide seed treatment.

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Lumisena™ and Lumiderm™ Seed Treatments: the Perfect Pair


Insecticide seed treatment for use on canola and soybeans.


Canola (Brassica spp.)



Technical Specifications

  • Insecticide Group
    Group 28
  • Formulations

    Dilute in a sufficient volume to obtain thorough, uniform coverage. Polymers, colourants and other additives should be tested for compatibility and seed safety prior to use in combination with Lumiderm insecticide seed treatment.

  • Application Method

    Apply as a seed treatment.

    This product contains no colourant. An appropriate colourant must be added when this product is applied. Regulations pertaining to the Seeds Act must be strictly adhered to when using this product. Seed must be conspicuously coloured at the time of treatment.

    Application to canola must be completed by commercial treaters (facilities and mobile treaters) with closed transfer systems only. Closed transfer includes closed mixing, loading, calibrating, and closed treatment equipment only. 


Registered for use in Canada.

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1In line with Integrated Pest Management and Good Agricultural Practices, insecticide applications should be made when pollinators are not foraging to avoid unnecessary exposure.