Agronomy •  2021-03-16

Lumisena™ Fungicide and Lumiderm™ Insecticide Seed Treatments: the Perfect Pair for your Soybeans

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Serious Seed Protection

Protect your soybeans from phytophthora, bean leaf beetle and soybean aphid with Lumiderm™ insecticide and Lumisena™ fungicide seed treatments from Corteva solutions.

Serious Soybean Combo

Get serious seed protection for your soybeans and maximize your yield potential with Lumisena fungicide seed treatment and Lumiderm insecticide seed treatment.

Lumisena provides the best control of phytophthora, improving early season biomass and giving you a 3 bushel yield advantage.

Lumiderm offers broad spectrum protection from early season insects, delivering uniform, healthy stand to maximize yield potential.

Benefits of Lumiderm


Lumiderm logo

Protection against early season insect pests

Lumiderm provides broad spectrum protection from early season pests including bean leaf beetle and soybean aphid. Excellent seedling protection delivers uniform healthy stand to maximize yield potential.

Simplify your seed treatment decision

A new mode of action with a favourable environmental profile. Lumiderm simplifies seed treatment decision-making considerably by reducing administration paperwork.

Lumiderm™ soybean seed treatment replicated trial, Ridgetown College

Lumiderm complements a fungicide seed treatment and results in healthier, more adundant soybean stands.

Benefits of Lumisena


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More vigorous growth and enhanced emergence

Lumisena enhances plant vigour and emergence to maximize yield potential.

Improves soybean plant stands

In areas with phytophthora pressure, Lumisena improves plant stands, crop vigour and yield results.

Advanced protection above and below ground against phytophthora

Lumisena offers a new class of chemistry for improved above and below ground disease control. It’s the only seed-applied technology that delivers residual protection across multiple stages of the phytophthora pathogen’s life cycle.


Plot comparisons for untreated, standard treatment and treatment with lumisena

Lumiderm targets pest bean leaf beetle: Ontario soybean plot site

plot comparison for lumiderm against leaf beetle on soybeans
These photos illustrate that Lumiderm is an improvement in bean leaf beetle control, compared to competitive products.



Lumiderm and Lumisena strip trial, Kelburn Farm, MB

lumisena and lumiderm plot comparison at kelburn farm




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