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Commenza™ herbicide provides three active ingredients and residual activity for soil applied cross-spectrum broadleaf and grass control in soybeans. Multi-mode of action technology ensures robust performance against resistant and hard to control weeds.


Soil-applied weed control solution

Commenza is a pro-active broadspectrum herbicide program to establish excellent control of most major annual weeds in soybeans. With 3 modes of action, Commenza delivers robust control of the important weeds such as foxtails, nightshade, lamb's-quarters, ragweed, nutsedge and many others in conventional, conservation tillage or no-till soybean production systems.

Multi-mode of action

With three proven active ingredients, Commenza delivers overlapping effective modes of action on key weeds such as Eastern black nightshade.

Convenience and confidence

Convenient 20 acre co-pack is easy to handle and measure. And a complete herbicide program from one manufacturer provides you confidence and assurance of performance.

Crop Protection Podcast: Commenza Herbicide

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Below lists the crops that Commenza herbicide can be used on.




Now registered in the following provinces:

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Weeds Controlled

Foxtail, Green Old Witchgrass
Barnyard Grass Foxtail, Yellow Panicum, Fall
Canada Fleabane1 Horsetail, Field2 Pigweed, Prostrate
Carpetweed (pre-emergence only) Jimsonweed (pre-emergence only) Pigweed, Redroot 1,4
Carrot, Wild2 Johnson Grass (seedling) Ragweed, Common 1,2,3
Cheatgrass Lady's-thumb (suppression if pre-plant
incorporated application)
Chickweed, Common Lamb's-quarters, Common4 Smartweed, Green
Cocklebur3 Mallow, Prickly (pre-emergence only) Thistle, Russian
Corn Spurry Mustard, Wild Velvetleaf
Crabgrass, Hairy Mustard, Wormseed Wild Potato Vine
Crabgrass, Smooth Nightshade, American Yellow Woodsorrel (pre-emergence only)
Dandelion (seedling) Nightshade, Eastern Black  
Foxtail, Giant Nutsedge, Yellow (PPI only)  
1Populations resistant to Group 2 herbicides exist in certain areas of Eastern Canada. Commenza alone may not control all weed biotypes resistant to Group 2 herbicides.
3If weed pressure in soybeans is heavy, tank mix with another product that provides a different mode of action
4Include triazline-tolerant biotypes

Technical Specifications

  • Application Method

    Apply Commenza™ herbicide in conventional, conservation tillage or no-till soybean production systems. Commenza™ is not registered for aerial application.

  • Rates
    • 35 g/ac + 225 g/ac +525 ml/ac

    Acres Treated: 20 acres

    Water Volume: 10-20 US gal/ac

    Rainfast: 2 hours

  • Packaging


    • Broadstrike RC: 715 g bottle
    • Metribuzin Mx 75 DF: 4.5 kg jug
    • S-Metolachlor 960: 10.5 L jug
  • Crop Rotation
    • 4 months: winter wheat
    • 10 months: spring wheat, spring barley, oats, soybeans, common beans (dry, snap), lima beans, processing peas, field corn and seed corn
    • Following an application of Commenza in a dry year, the risk of injury to rotational crops may increase in light-textured soils containing less than 2% organic matter due to a higher bioavailability of herbicide residues for plant uptake.


    Rotational crop restrictions: When tank mixing with other herbicides, follow the most restrictive crop rotation guidelines on the label of each product used.

    Rotational crops, except field corn and soybeans, may sustain herbicide injury if dry conditions, not favourable to herbicide breakdown, persist following application of Commenza.

    A field bioassay should be conducted before planting other crops not listed above.

    A successful bioassay means growing test strips of the crop(s) to maturity intended for production the following year.

  • Tank Mixes

    Registered: Glyphosate

    Supported: Elevore herbicide, Enlist Duo herbicide (Only for use for use in Enlist E3 soybeans), Enlist 1 herbicide (Only for use in Enlist E3 soybeans)

  • Additional Information

    The pre-harvest interval for Commenza is 90 days.

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