Canopy PRO


Canopy™ PRO herbicide is your best defense against early-season weeds. As a pre-emergence herbicide with two modes of action and broad-spectrum residual activity it will help slay your toughest weeds. Canopy PRO helps you manage weed resistance and early-season weed competition to help maximize early-season control of tough weeds.


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Powerful weed control performance

Treated and untreated Canopy PRO soybeans in Breslau Ontario Canopy PRO delivers powerful burndown and residual action against annual weeds. Early pre-emergence weed removal keeps your fields clean through the critical early stages of growth. Managing weeds early helps your crop reach its maximum yield potential.

Proactive weed resistance management

Untreated fleabane Canopy PRO is an excellent stewardship choice for growers who want to introduce multiple modes of action into their weed management program. Because Canopy PRO has two modes of action (Group 2 and Group 5), it’s a practical, effective tool to help manage weed resistance.

Production system flexibility

Close up of treated soybeans

Canopy PRO can be used pre-plant or pre-emergence in a variety of tillage situations, including no-till, conservation tillage or conventional tillage. Canopy PRO is also a solid agronomic choice because it will reduce weed populations through the critical first to third trifoliate growth stages. This provides increased flexibility for in-crop herbicide timing.


For use in glyphosate-tolerant (GT) and identity-preserved (IP) soybeans.


Soybean, Glyphosate Tolerant (Glycine max)

Soybean, IP (Glycine max)


Canopy PRO is registered for use in Eastern Canada.

  • Registered
  • Unregistered

Canopy PRO provides broad-spectrum, early weed control.

When weeds invade, strike back hard with Canopy PRO pre-emergence herbicide for glyphosate-tolerant and IP soybeans, including Roundup Ready 2 Xtend.

  • Soybeans treated with Canopy PRO
  • Untreated Soybeans with weeds

Canopy PRO is a flexible pre-emergence herbicide with two modes-of-action. It combines Classic (chlorimuron-ethyl) and a 75% DF metribuzin to deliver powerful burndown & residual action on many early-emerging broadleaf weeds, plus 9 annual grasses.

Technical Specifications

  • Herbicide Group

    Group 2

    Group 5

  • Application Timing

    When to apply

    Pre-emergence: Apply after planting but prior to crop emergence.

    Pre-plant burndown: Apply with a glyphosate of choice for burndown and residual control. Apply up to 14 days before planting.  

  • Packaging
    One case contains a 20-acre jug (288 grams) of Classic® Grande + 2 x 2.2 kg jugs of a 75% DF metribuzin
  • Tank Mixes

    ·         2,4-D ester

    ·         Glyphosate

    ·         Eragon®

    ·         Eragon® LQ

    ·         Dual® II Magnum®

    ·         Frontier® MAX

    ·         Fierce®

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