With residual activity and control of tough perennial broadleaf weeds, Classic™ herbicide is a popular choice for growers of identity-preserved (IP), conventional and glyphosate-tolerant (GT) soybeans.

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Excellent broadleaf weed control

Soybeans in rows Classic provides excellent control of broadleaf weeds, including common ragweed and velvetleaf, as well as “hard-to-kill” perennials like nutsedge, dandelion and wild carrot.

Compatible with other chemistries

Soybeans in rows Tank mix Classic with Assure™ ll for one-pass control of both grass and broadleaf weeds, like quackgrass and yellow foxtail.

Supports all soybean varieties

Soybeans in rows For use on IP, conventional and glyphosate-tolerant soybeans.



Soybean (Glycine max)


Classic herbicide is registered for use in Eastern Canada.

  • Registered
  • Unregistered

Technical Specifications

  • Herbicide Group
    Group 2
  • Rates

    14.4 g/acre

    Water volume

    140-190 L/ha

  • Application Timing

    When to apply

    Pre-plant to 3 trifoliate stage. Do not apply after the initiation of flowering.


    1 hour 

    Pre-harvest interval

    Up to 60 days before harvest

  • Packaging

    One pouch (144 grams) treats 10 acres (4 ha).

    One jug (576 grams) treats 40 acres (16 ha).

  • Crop Rotation

    Crop rotation varies by crop and soil pH. 

  • Mixing Instructions

    1. Fill clean tank about ¼ full with fresh water.

    2. Turn on full agitation.

    3. Add the proper amount of Classic herbicide to the water in the spray tank with the agitator running. Maintain full agitation until water-soluble bags are completely dissolved and product is fully dispersed. Continuous agitation is required to keep the product in suspension.

    4. After Classic herbicide has been well mixed and is in suspension, add the tank-mix partner, if applicable.

    5. Add a recommended amount of spray adjuvant (if required).

    6. Fill the remainder of the spray tank with clean water.

  • Grazing

    Do not graze or cut for hay.

  • Tank Mixes

    ·         Assure® II

    ·         Glyphosate

    A non-ionic surfactant such as Agral® 90, CITOWETT PLUS or Ag-Surf must also be used at 0.2% v/v.

Other Products

Classic is a key member of a diverse family of herbicides.

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