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Tools that empower decision making on the farm

Our tools and applications offer a comprehensive look at Corteva Agriscience products and provide guidance on their use. This information empowers farmers to make informed business decisions and experience the full potential of our products.

Feature Tools and Applications

The following innovative tools and applications help support farmers with the many decisions they make every day.

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Range & Pasture Spray Calculator

Properly calibrated equipment is essential to the effective use of our Range & Pasture products.

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Field Guide App

The Corteva Agriscience Field Guide app showcases our expanded portfolio of crop protection products and is designed to help you get the most out of every acre.

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IVM Spray Calculator

Make the most of our vegetation management products by calibrating your equipment for effective use.

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West Field Guide

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For a comprehensive listing of information on Corteva Agriscience products available in Western Canada, download the Western Canada Field Guide.  

East Field Guide

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For a comprehensive listing of Corteva Agriscience products available in Eastern Canada, download the Eastern Canada Field Guide.

Pioneer Seed Guides

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Download the Pioneer® East or West Seed Guide to learn about Pioneer Brand products and services in your province

Brevant Seed Guides

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Download the Brevant™ East or West Seed Guide to learn about Brevant Brand products and services in your province.

Canola Solutions Brochure


Great genetics and a sound management plan is critical to maximizing your crop’s yield potential and profitability. Corteva offers nutrient management, insect, weed and disease control solutions and three herbicide-tolerant canola systems.

Cereal Solutions Brochure

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Corteva Agriscience has broad product solutions for nutrient management, as well as insect and weed control to help you get the most from your cereal crop.

Horticulture Crop Protection Guide

Horticulture Crop Protection Guide

For a comprehensive listing of Corteva Agriscience products available under Horticulture, download this version of the Horticulture Crop Protection Guide here.


Range and Pasture Management Guide

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An integrated pasture management plan to increase grass productivity employs techniques such as grazing rotations, herbicides, fertility analysis, mechanical brush management and regular pasture health assessments.

Vegetation Management Guide

Vegetation Management Guide

Whether it’s weeds, brush, trees or non‑selective control you are looking to achieve, Corteva Agriscience, has a total portfolio solution to fit your needs. 


Potato Pest Timing Calendar

Potato Pest Timing Calendar

Corteva Agriscience offers an outstanding lineup of customer-focused products for potato growers.


Other Tools

Nitrogen Stabilizers Profit Calculator

Volume to Volume Calculator

Reference Materials

Corteva Agriscience Western Canada Unregistered Supported Tank Mixes

Corteva Agriscience Western Canada Unregistered Supported Tank Mixes

Corteva Agriscience will support the unregistered tank mixes found in this document in addition to all tank mixes that are presently included on product labels or approved by the PMRA.

Customer Service Guidelines

2019 Customer Service Guidelines

Please reference the Corteva Agriscience™ Customer Service Guidelines for the most current performance inquiry information and corresponding service timelines. We are confident in our seed, products and service, enriching the lives of our Customers today and for generations to come.