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Lumisena™ fungicide fights and beats phytophthora, so your soybeans can shine.

Phytophthora is the number one disease in soybeans and can significantly reduce yields.

New Lumisena fungicide seed treatment provides the most advanced seed-applied technology to protect against phytophthora. Lumisena also enhances emergence and vigour to maximize yield potential and improve soybean plant stands.


Get serious seed protection for your soybeans and maximize your yield potential with Lumisena fungicide seed treatment and Lumiderm insecticide seed treatment.

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Lumisena™ and Lumiderm™ Seed Treatments: the Perfect Pair


Advanced protection above and below ground against phytophthora

Hand holding soybean leaf Lumisena offers a new class of chemistry for improved above and below ground disease control. It’s the only seed-applied technology that delivers residual protection across multiple stages of the phytophthora pathogen’s life cycle.

More vigorous growth and enhanced emergence

Soybean plant with and without Lumisena Lumisena enhances plant vigour and emergence to maximize yield potential.

Improves soybean plant stands

Soybean plant and roots In areas with phytophthora pressure, Lumisena improves plant stands, crop vigour and yield results.


A seed treatment product for soybeans.


Soybean (Glycine max)


Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

Technical Specifications

  • Fungicide Group
    Group 49
  • Application Timing

    Applied as a seed coating prior to planting. For use in commercial seed treatment facilities only. For use by commercial treaters (facilities) with closed transfer systems only. Closed transfer includes closed mixing, loading, calibrating and closed treatment equipment. No open transfer of Lumisena fungicide seed treatment is permitted.

    This product contains no colourant. An appropriate colourant must be added when this product is applied. Regulations pertaining to the Seeds Act must be strictly adhered to when using this product. Seed must be conspicuously coloured at the time of treatment.


Registered for use in Canada.

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