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A Mark of Assurance in Seed Treatments

LumiGEN logoYou choose a seed treatment package to help ensure a successful season. In turn, you should feel assured that those seed treatments perform as expected and work well with the genetics you’re planting. LumiGEN® seed treatments are exclusive to Brevant® seeds and Pioneer® brand genetics, and represent the high performing, industry leading seed applied technologies that are available on Corteva genetics.  designed, verified and proven to work with our genetics


Exclusive to Corteva Agriscience Genetics

LumiGEN Canola Package

treated canola seed
Lumiderm™️ insecticide seed treatment provides excellent protection from both flea beetles and cutworms and creates outstanding early season seedling stand establishment, vigour and biomass.

A component of the NEW LumiGEN canola disease package is Lumiscend™ fungicide seed treatment, a unique new active ingredient for powerful airborne blackleg protection. Four effective modes of action combat yield-robbing seed, soilborne and airborne diseases supports a successful resistance management strategy.

Download the LumiGEN Canola Tech Sheet

LumiGEN Soybean Package

Lumisena™️ fungicide seed treatment provides the best protection against phytophthora for healthier, more vigorous soybean stands and higher yield potential.

Lumiderm™️ insecticide seed treatment provides broad spectrum protection from early season insect pests in soybeans.

LumiGEN Corn Package

treated corn seedLumivia™️ insecticide seed treatment delivers excellent broad-spectrum protection on key early season corn insect pests.

Lumiscend™️ Pro is a component of the NEW LumiGEN corn fungicide seed treatment package. The package is a unique combination of 4 active ingredients for long-lasting seed and soil-borne disease protection against pythium, rhizoctonia, fusarium and corn head smut species.

Lumialza™️ nematicide seed treatment is a biological nematicide that shields corn roots from harmful nematodes for over 80 days while cooperating with beneficial organisms to enhance crop vigour and yield potential.

Our Seed Brands

LumiGEN Seed Treatments are designed, verified and proven to work with Brevant® and Pioneer® genetics.