Tordon 22K

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Tordon™ 22K herbicide for the professional vegetation manager provides the longest lasting control of deep-rooted, hard to control leafy spurge and toadflax.


Tordon 22K is the only tool for effective control of deep-rooted perennials such as Leafy Spurge and Toadflax.


Why use Tordon 22K?

Extended control

Provides soil activity and translocation through root systems providing extended timelines between treatments.

Easy to use

Packaged in convenient 2x10L jugs.


Now registered in the following provinces:

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Technical Specifications

  • Application Method
    Aerial: Not registered for aerial application.
  • Approved Use

    Refer to the Tordon 22K label for complete use instructions.
    Refer to the Controlled Weeds list for the full list of weeds.

    Tree safety
    Tordon 22K should NOT be used over-the-top of desirable trees. Application should remain 1.5x the height of off target trees away. Use additional caution around lateral root systems, shallow rooting species and those that propagate vegetatively through layering.

  • Rates
    • Apply Tordon™ 22K at 1.1-4.5 L/ha.
    • Use enough water to wet the weeds without run-off, 400 to 800 L of spray per treated hectare is usually required.
    • For the control of leafy spurge, field bindweed, toadflax only, a spot treatment rate of 90 mL per 100 m2 may be used provided no more than 50% of a hectare is treated.
    • Tordon™ 22K is packaged in 2x10L jugs.
  • Application Timing
    • Apply to target weeds when they are actively growing
    • Only weeds present at the time of application will be controlled

    Rainfast: 4 Hours
  • Herbicide Group

    Group 4

  • Grazing
    • Do not permit lactating dairy animals to graze fields within 7 days after application.
    • Do not harvest forage or cut hay within 30 days after application.
    • Withdraw meat animals from treated fields at least 3 days before slaughter.
  • Tank Mixes

    For tank mixes, consult the labels of the tank-mix partners and observe the largest (most restrictive) buffer zone of the products involved in the tank mixture and apply using the coarsest spray (ASAE) category indicated on the labels for those tank mix partners.

  • Additional Information

    Optimizing Performance:

    •  Do not apply to soils that are very permeable (textures of sandy loam to sand) throughout the entire profile and which also have an underlying shallow aquifer.

    •  Do not treat areas intended to be used for cultivated sensitive crops or other desirable plants in sequential years. It may take up to five years for herbicides containing picloram to be deactivated by the soil. Clippings from grass or crops which have been treated with Tordon 22K should not be used for composting or mulching, nor should the manure from animals grazing treated areas or fed treated forage be used around susceptible plants.

    •  Avoid application when heavy rain is forecast.

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Before use and for complete product information, please read and follow label directions.