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ClearView™ is the industry standard selective herbicide for the professional vegetation manager, delivering consistent, high performing, extended broadleaf weed and shrub control with flexible rates.


ClearViewTM herbicide is the industry standard selective herbicide for professional vegetation management.  It's the clear choice for reliable high-performing, extended control of broadleaf weeds and shrubs.

Why use ClearViewTM?

The Standard

The industry standard for extended broadleaf weed and shrub control.


ClearViewTM has multiple labelled rates and can be used alone or in combination with other products for bareground control.

Low Mobility

Can be applied up to the drip line of desirable trees.


Now registered in the following provinces:

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Technical Specifications

  • Application Method
    • Aerial
    • Ground
    • Spot
  • Approved Use
    • Refer to the ClearView label for complete use instructions.
    • Refer to the Controlled Weeds list for the full list of weeds.

      Tree safety
      ClearView should NOT be used over-the-top of desirable trees
      It should only be used up to the drip line (outermost edge of the tree canopy) of desirable trees
      Use additional caution around lateral root systems, shallow rooting species and those that propagate vegetatively through layering.
  • Rates
    • ClearView requires the addition of a non-ionic surfactant at 0.2% v/v ( 2L per 1000L spray solution)
    • Formulated water dispersible granule with a use rate of 230 g/ha.
    • 1.84 kg container treats 8 ha at the 230g/ha rate.
    • A measuring device is provided to approximate weight when less than the full amount is required.
    • Water volume:
                  - Broadcast: Apply in a minimum of 200 L/ha total solution.
                   - Individual plant: 2.3 g of ClearView™, 20 mL of surfactant, in 10 L of water. Thoroughly wet, but not to the point of runoff.
  • Application Timing

    •Environmental conditions vary from season to season so application timing guidelines are to be considered as recommendations only. Application to weeds experiencing drought stress will reduce the level of control.

    Shrubs – Apply to actively growing shrubs, after full leaf expansion, but prior to the development of a waxy cuticle on the leaf of the shrubs.
    Weeds – Apply to actively growing weeds, after emergence, prior to flowering.
    • Application timing to provide control to all species of shrubs and weeds must occur when all target species have emerged. Plants, especially perennial weeds that have not emerged at the time of application will not be controlled.

    Rainfast: 2 Hours

  • Crop Rotation
    • ClearView is intended for use on rights-of-way, industrial and other non-crop areas, and is not suitable for use on cropland.
    • Seeding of grasses may be completed 10 months following an application of ClearView.
    • Legume (alfalfa, clover) establishment will be affected for a period up to 60 months (longer if soil pH is greater than 7.9).
  • Mixing Instructions
    1. Fill the spray tank ¾ full of clean water.
    2. Add the required amount of ClearView herbicide with the agitation running. Pre-slurrying with water may be necessary where there is little or no agitation, or an injection system is being used, or where herbicide is first added to a tank other than the spray tank.
    3. If tank mixing, add the required amount of tank mix partner with the agitation running.
    4. Add Gateway™ at 0.2% v/v or 2 L/1,000 L of spray solution.
    5. Add antifoaming agent, if required.
  • Herbicide Group

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    Group 4

  • Grazing

    • There are no grazing restrictions for livestock or lactating dairy animals that have grazed on treated areas.  

    • ClearView works like a natural growth regulating hormone found only in plants and not found in livestock and wildlife.  

    • Cattle and wildlife do not metabolize ClearView. When ingested, ClearView is rapidly excreted from the body in the urine, and does not accumulate in the animal.

  • Tank Mixes

    ClearView herbicide at a rate of 230 g/ha plus 2,4-D Amine herbicide at a rate of 1.1 kg ae/ha.

    The combination of ClearView + 2,4-D amine will provide control of the weeds listed for control and/or suppression with ClearView, plus all the weeds on the 2,4-D amine herbicide label.  Control of the following weeds and shrubs will extend to 24 months after application with this labeled tank mix:

    • Buckbrush (western snowberry)*

    • Canada thistle*

    • dandelion*

    • pasture sage (fringed sage)*

    • prairie sage

    • shrubby cinquefoil

    • silver-berry (wolf willow)

    • wild strawberry*

    • wild rose*

    *24 month labeled control with ClearView alone 


    ClearView Herbicide at a rate of 230 g/ha plus Vantage™ Plus MAX II at a rate of 1.69 – 9.0 L/ha.  

    The combination of ClearView plus Vantage Plus MAX II will provide control of the weeds listed for control with ClearView, plus all the annual grasses, broadleaf and perennial weeds on the Vantage Plus MAX II label. This labeled tank mix provides effective, season-long bareground control of grassy and broadleaf weeds.  On its own, ClearView provides season-long control of germinating and emerging seedlings of hard-to-control broadleaf weeds. 

  • Additional Information

    Optimizing Performance:

    • Apply to actively growing weeds and shrubs. Avoid applying to plants under stress.

    • Pre-slurrying ClearView is recommended.

Vegetation Management Guide
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