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Enhance pasture productivity with no acres left untreated

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Managing invasive weeds and brush in permanent pasture and grazed rangeland requires a proactive approach as any untreated acres ultimately lead to less productive land and lost profit potential. 

By using herbicides as part of an integrated pasture management plan, you can reduce undesirable and invasive weeds, brush and trees in pastures that can alter native ecosystems and even poison your animals. Many common invasive weeds in Western Canada, such as tansy ragwort, tall buttercup and hoary alyssum, are poisonous to livestock. While cattle will generally avoid toxic plants because of their bitter taste, poisonings can often occur early or late in the season when desirable forage plants are in shorter supply1.

In addition to improving the health of your herd, exercising good pasture management will help you increase grass production on your acres and boost profit potential while creating a sustainable grazing resource for the future. 

Increase grass production on the same acres, improve the health of your herd, boost your profits, create a sustainable grazing resource.

A guide to growing more grass

Increasing grass production and managing it well is an excellent way to enhance pasture productivity. By maximizing grass growth, you can extend your cattle grazing period in the fall and allow them to graze earlier in the spring, which reduces winter feed costs and directly benefits your bottom line.

More grass also contributes to: 

  • Better overall herd condition
  • Higher weaning weights
  • Less time and fewer equipment costs associated with finding or producing feed
  • Reduced potential need for imported hay that may contain invasive weeds
  • Improved ability of pastures to withstand drought
  • Improved grass vigour

Reaching your grass production potential

According to the Beef Cattle Research Council, bushes, forbs and shrubs provide habitat for wildlife and can make up over 20 per cent of livestock’s diet on rangelands2.

By implementing an integrated pasture management plan that includes techniques such as grazing rotations, herbicide applications, fertility analysis, mechanical brush management and regular pasture health assessments, you can better control undesirable and invasive weeds, brush and trees. Herbicide applications reduce invasive weeds, brush and tree encroachment that can alter native ecosystems. This will also help preserve native species of grass, bushes, forbs and shrubs and make an overall positive impact on the environment.

Proven control of weeds, brush and trees

Corteva Agriscience™ Range & Pasture products can help you effectively manage invasive weeds, brush and trees while providing an overall return on investment. When compared with other methods of pasture rejuvenation, Restore™ NXT with Rinskor™ active, Restore™ II, Reclaim™ II and Grazon™ XC provide a timelier increase in grass production and extended weed, shrub and tree control.

Herbicides as  part of an integrated pasture management plan help reduce undesirable weeds, preserve native grass species, make a positive impact on the environment.

Real testimonials from Western Canadian producers

  • “Corteva’s Range & Pasture products have increased our ability to pasture more animals by controlling weeds, brush and trees.” – Wainwright, AB.
  • “Grazon XC and Reclaim II have worked really well to control shrubs and persistent weeds, even along the fence line. It’s very impressive to see how well our grass has come back after being almost non-existent!” – Elphinstone, MB
  • “Reclaim II has allowed the 20 acres of land that I cleared to stay free of unwanted weeds while keeping the desired vegetation to allow for grazing and erosion protection.” - Evansburg, AB.
  • “Tree and brush control has doubled the grass production on our 10 quarters of native prairie.” – Hardisty, AB.

Effective and sustainable pasture management solutions

  • *NEW* Restore™ NXT herbicide with Rinskor™ active is the next evolution in the Corteva Range & Pasture portfolio, providing selective control of many invasive broadleaf weed species while utilizing low use rates. In addition to controlling other invasive broadleaf weeds, Restore NXT targets cleavers, clover, common waterhemp, fireweed, mullein, poison hemlock, purple loosestrife, rush skeletonweed, scotch thistle, wild caraway, wild chervil, and wild parsnip while not harming grass or desirable plant species. 
  • Restore™ II herbicide will help restore the health and productivity of your pastures. The easy-to-use, broad-spectrum product controls tough invasive broadleaf weeds such as scentless chamomile, ox-eye daisy and Canada thistle.
  • Reclaim™ II herbicide delivers the most effective extended control of brush such as silverberry (wolf-willow), Western snowberry (buckbrush) and wild rose. In addition to proven brush control, it provides broad-spectrum, invasive weed control as an added benefit.
  • Grazon™ XC herbicide is the solution for controlling undesirable trees such as aspen, birch and willow in pastures. The timeless standard in the industry, Grazon XC provides proven and effective extended control of various broadleaf weeds and trees, helping increase grass production and boost your bottom line.

Improving pasture health and productivity

Ensure your acres are not left untreated and increase grass production in your pastures. By implementing an integrated pasture management plan that includes herbicides, you can help your pasture achieve its grass production potential, improve your bottom line, boost your herd's overall health and create sustainable grazing resources for future generations.

Corteva Agriscience™ Range & Pasture. Trusted. Effective. Solutions.

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