Agronomy •  2024-01-24

How to identify & control Scentless Chamomile

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Scentless Chamomile

As a summer annual, winter annual, or short-lived perennial, Scentless Chamomile is a noxious weed often mistaken for its non-toxic look-alike, Ox-eye Daisy. Both have white petals and yellow centres, but the leaves of the Scentless Chamomile are distinctly, finely divided into short, carrot-like segments. Scentless Chamomile reproduces only via its seeds, yet one square metre of this weed can produce up to one million seeds which float on water, a main path of distribution. It is typically found in disturbed, moist areas like roadsides, utility rights of way, drainage ditches, shelterbelts and waste areas.1

Identifying Scentless Chamomile

  • Stems are erect or semi-erect, reddish in colour2
  • Flowers are conspicuous, 2 to 4 cm in diameter, and appear from June to October3
  • May grow up to one metre tall3
  • No distinct odour4
  • Mature plants are bushy when not in competition with other plants4

Controlling Scentless Chamomile

Although Scentless Chamomile does not compete well with other healthy plant communities, it is well adapted to heavy clay soils and can tolerate extreme flooding and drought. Seeds disperse very easily, making it quite difficult to eradicate. An integrated management approach is required.

  • Monitor both disturbed and undisturbed sites for infestation
  • Ensure soil, gravel, and other fill materials are not contaminated4
  • Herbicide solutions. For best results, apply:
    • Reclaim™ II herbicide at 20 acres per case + Gateway™ adjuvant at 0.2% v/v (200 ml per 100 L of spray solution)
    • Restore™ II herbicide at 1 L/acre
    • Apply in a minimum of 20 gallons per acre of spray solution for ground applications

Powerful Solutions

Applications of Reclaim II and Restore II are most effective when plants are actively growing, before flowering.  Always read and follow label directions.

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