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Accent IS herbicide delivers outstanding control of annual and perennial grass weeds in field corn, seed corn2 and sweet corn3. With a built-in crop safener, Accent IS can be applied with confidence under a wide range of weather and growth stages.


Accent IS provides consistent and effective post-emergence control of grasses in corn.

Crop safety

With a built-in crop safener, Accent IS delivers even better crop safety on low heat unit hybrids, seed corn inbreds and sweet corn varieties.

Excellent Control

Contact and systemic post-emergence control providing consistent grass control.

Application and Re-cropping Flexibility

Accent IS is labelled for application as late as V4-V6 providing an opportunity to control later emerging grasses.  Re-cropping flexibility to a wide range of rotational crops.


Below lists the crops that Accent IS herbicide can be used on.


Corn, Field (Zea mays ssp. mays)

Corn, For Seed (Zea mays ssp. mays)

Corn, Sweet (Zea mays ssp. mays)

Weeds Controlled

  • Barnyard Grass
  • Foxtail, Green
  • Foxtail, Yellow1
  • Old Witchgrass
  • Panicum, Fall
  • Quackgrass
  • Sandbur, Long-spined
  • Wild Oats


Now registered in the following provinces:

  • Registered
  • Unregistered

Technical Specifications

  • Herbicide Group

    Group 2

  • Rates

    18.5 g/acre

    Water Volume:
    10-20 US Gal/acre

  • Application Timing

    Hybrid Field Corn: 1-8 leaves (6 visible collars = V6)

    Seed corn: 1-7 leaves (5 visible collars = V5)

    Sweet corn: 1-6 leaves (4 visible collars = V4)

    Weed staging:

    • annual grasses: 1-6 leaf
    • quackgrass: 3-6 leaf

    Rainfast: 2 hours

  • Application Method

    Accent IS must be applied with one of the following adjuvants:

    • Non-ionic surfactant: 2L/1000L (0.2% v/v)
    • Adapt Oil Concentrate: 10L/1000L (1% v/v)
    • Merge or Sure-Mix: 5L/1000L (0.5% v/v)
    • Non-Ionic surfactant + UAN: 2L/1000L + 5 L/ha)
  • Tank Mixes

    Accent IS may be tank-mixed with a registered broadleaf herbicide. Consult the label of the tank-mix partner and follow both labels to ensure compliance with all use precautions.

  • Packaging

    370 g bottle treats 20 acres

  • Crop Rotation

    Eastern Canada:

    4 months: Winter wheat

    10 months: spring barley, canola, soybeans, white beans, red clover sorghum, field corn and alfalfa.


    Western Canada:

    10 months: Spring cereals (including wheat and barley), Corn, Field Pea, Flax, Potato, Dry Beans †, Sunflower, Canola (including Clearfield canola), Alfalfa

    †Dry bean varieties may vary in their tolerance to Accent IS. Consult your seed supplier for information on the tolerance of specific varieties of dry common beans to Accent IS Herbicide.  

  • Mixing Instructions
    1. Fill clean tank about 1/4 full with fresh water.
    2. Turn on full agitation.
    3. Add the proper amount of Accent IS Herbicide to the water in the spray tank with the agitator running. Maintain full agitation until product is fully dispersed. Continuous agitation is required to keep the product in suspension.
    4. After Accent IS Herbicide has been well mixed and is in suspension add the proper amount of tank mix partner (if applicable) to the spray tank with the agitator running.After all products have been well mixed and are in suspension, add a recommended adjuvant (see “Spray Adjuvants” section for a complete list and use rate).
    5. If applicable, add 28% liquid urea ammonium nitrate (UAN).
    6. Fill the remainder of the spray tank.
  • Additional Information

    Pre-harvest interval

    • PHI for corn (silage, fodder or grain) is 30 days
    • PHI for sweet corn is 40 days.
East Field Guide
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Before use and for complete product information, please read and follow label directions.

1Suppression only. For improved control, apply Accent IS with Merge (0.5% v/v) or NIS + UAN
(0.2% v/v + 5 L/Ha)
2Use only on seed corn inbreds approved by the seed corn company
3Use only on labelled sweet corn varieties