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Utrisha™ N

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It's Time to Think Differently about Nitrogen.

Introducing the Next Level of Nitrogen Efficiency.  


Increase your crop's nitrogen use efficiency and boost your yield potential with Utrisha™ N nitrogen efficiency biostimulant.

Utrisha N provides a unique way to enable plants to capture nitrogen throughout the season.

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Listed by Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) to be used for the production of certified organically grown crops.


What is Utrisha N?

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Utrisha N is a nutrient efficiency biostimulant.  The natural bacteria, methylobacterium symbioticum, fixes nitrogen from the air and converts it for the plant.

  1. Utrisha N enters the plant through the stomata and colonizes in the leaf cells. 
  2. It then converts N2 from the air into ammonium, resulting in a constant supply of nitrogen to the plant. 

    No plant energy is required for this process.


Utrisha N provides a sustainable, alternative source of nitrogen that reduces dependency of nitrogen uptake from the soil and ensures the plant has access to nitrogen all season long.

biological nitrogen flow diagram
biological nitrogen flow diagram


Enhanced Plant Growth and Resilience

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Utrisha N enhances plant growth and resilience by improving the nitrogen availability in the plant throughout the growing season. 

Maximizes Crop Potential

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Utrisha N maximizes crop potential through improved season long nitrogen management, offering proven, predictable performance.

Easy to Use

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Utrisha N works side by side with evolving farming practices with simple, flexible storage and application. 

Provides a Sustainable Source of Nitrogen

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Utrisha N meets changing market expectations by providing a sustainable source of nitrogen, without the risk of leaching into water tables or releasing additional greenhouse gases. Increasing nitrogen fertilizer does not necessarily make it available to the plant.  Nitrogen fertilizer is subject to loss and is not necessarily available when your crop needs it. Utrisha N provides an alternative source of nitrogen that reduces dependency of nitrogen uptake from the soil and ensures the plant to access to nitrogen all season long.  


Utrisha™ N nutrient efficiency biostimulant is an effective solution for the following crops:










Pome Fruits



Stone Fruits



Refer to the label for a full list of crops and application instructions.

Technical Specifications

  • Rates
    • Rate: 135 g/ac (40 ac/bag)
    • Water volume: 10-25 GPA
  • Application Timing
    • Canola - 4 leaf-bolting (before stem elongation)
    • Cereals - 4 leaf-jointing (avoid winter dormancy in winter wheat)
    • Corn - V4-V8
    • Soybeans - V4-V8
    • Cabbage, Carrot, Lettuce, Onion: 4 leaf to beginning of tillering/branch development  
    • Cucumbers, tomatoes: 4 leaf to flower bud appearance
    • Grapes: 5 leaf to middle stages of fruit development
    • Pome fruits trees, Stone fruits trees: during stem elongation growth stage
    • Potato: 4 leaf to flower bud appearance
    • Strawberry: 5 leaf to beginning of flowering


            Rainfast: 1 hour

  • Packaging

            1 Case: 2 x 5.39 kg bags

  • Additional Information
    • Apply in healthy crops unaffected by poor nutrition or other biotic/abiotic stresses
    • Apply with sufficient plant biomass, when the crop presents good soil coverage
    • Use water with a total chlorine content <1 ppm
    • Use water with a pH between 5 and 8

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Utrisha N Field Results

See how Utrisha N Nitrogen Efficiency Biostimulant can increase your yield potential.

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Before use and for complete product information, please read and follow label directions.