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Destra™ IS herbicide is a post-emergence herbicide that gives growers an effective tool to control weeds in corn while managing herbicide resistance. Destra IS delivers unsurpassed convenience and flexibility, making weed control hassle-free.

With two modes of action and a user-friendly dry formulation, Destra™ IS is the perfect glyphosate tank-mix partner for one-pass, broad-spectrum knockdown and residual control.

The only way to make it easier would be if it sprayed itself.


Wide application window

Destra Application Window Destra IS can be applied post-emergence from the three- to eight-leaf stage of corn.

Safe on corn, tough on weeds

Destra IS vs. RoundUp WeatherMax comparison

Destra IS contains isoxadifen, a built-in safener that increases crop safety by increasing the level of herbicide metabolism in the corn plant.

Destra IS has shown excellent crop safety on a wide range of hybrids, including short season varieties.

Convenient dry formulation

Corn in the 1st leaf stage Destra IS contains an advanced blend formulation that provides you with a low use rate and faster mixing and jug cleanout. Destra IS is also the only dry mesotrione formulation available on the market.


Designed for use in herbicide-tolerant corn varieties.


Corn, Field (Zea mays ssp. mays)


Destra IS is registered for use in all regions of Eastern Canada, including lower heat unit areas.

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Destra™ IS makes weed control hassle-free.

Destra IS is a post-emergence herbicide that gives growers in Eastern Canada an effective tool to control weeds in corn while managing herbicide resistance.

  • Corn field close-up
  • Corn field close-up

Destra IS delivers convenience and flexibility for conventional and herbicide-tolerant corn. Two modes of action and a dry formulation make for the perfect glyphosate tank-mix partner for one-pass, broad-spectrum knockdown and residual control.

Technical Specifications

  • Herbicide Group

    Group 2

    Group 27

  • Rates

    110 g/ac

    Water volume

    140-200 L/ha

  • Application Timing

    When to apply

    Crop stage: 3- to 8-leaf stage

    Pre-harvest interval

    Up to 100 days before harvest

  • Formulations

    Easy-to-handle dry blend formulation for faster mixing and jug cleanout. 

  • Packaging

    2 x 4.4 kg jugs/case 

  • Crop Rotation

    Seed winter wheat after four months, field corn after 10 months, and soybeans and white beans 11 months after application

  • Hazard Information
    ·         Glyphosate
  • Mixing Instructions

    1. Fill clean tank about ⅓ full with fresh water.

    2. Turn on full agitation.

    3. With the agitator running, add the required amount of Destra IS herbicide. Continue to agitate for a minimum of 5 minutes to ensure that DuPont™ Destra IS herbicide is completely dispersed.

    4. Once granules are dispersed continue to fill the tank to 2/3 to ¾ full, then add the required amount of the tank-mix partner.

    5. After Destra IS herbicide has been well mixed and is in suspension, add a recommended non-ionic surfactant at 2 L per 1000 L spray solution (0.2 % v/v), unless tank mixing with glyphosate, then no adjuvant is required

    6. Fill the remainder of the spray tank.

    7. For repeat tank loads, reduce the material remaining in the tank to 10% of the original volume or less before proceeding with step 1, because remaining chemicals may prevent Destra IS herbicide granules from completely dissolving. If this is not possible, pre-slurry Destra IS herbicide in a small amount (5-10 L) of water before adding to the tank.

  • Grazing

    Do not graze for a minimum of 30 days after application.

  • Tank Mixes

    ·         Glyphosate

    ·         AAtrex® Liquid 480

    A non-ionic surfactant such as Agral® 90, CITOWETT PLUS or Ag-Surf must also be used at 0.2% v/v.




Before use and for complete product information, please read and follow label directions. 

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