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Extra-concentrated Attain™ XC delivers excellent control of 40 of today’s toughest broadleaf weeds in all soil zones in Western Canada.


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Attain XC herbicide offers many proven benefits

Extra-concentrated excellence

Extra-concentrated excellence on 40 of today’s toughest broadleaf weeds in all soil zones.

Weed control

Gets tough weeds like kochia, stork’s bill, round-leaved mallow and more.


Choose the rate option that suits your weed conditions: 40 or 53 ac/case.


Now registered in the following provinces:

  • Registered
  • Unregistered

Weeds Controlled and Application Guidelines

Refer to the Attain XC labels and for complete use instructions.
Attain XC A label
Attain XC B label

1 Top growth control only
2 Spring rosettes
3 Including Group 2 resistant biotypes

Barley, Durum wheat, Forage grasses, Spring wheat; Winter wheat

Rates: 40 ac/ case rate
For heavy weed populations, larger weeds or poor growing conditions.

            Weeds Controlled:  Blue lettuce1, Bluebur, Burdock, Canola (all varieties), Cleavers3, Cocklebur, Dandelion2, Docks, Dog mustard, Field bindweed1, Field Horsetail1, Field peppergrass, Flixweed, Goat’s-beard, Gumweed, Hairy galinsoga, Hedge bindweed, Hoary cress1, Kochia3, Lady’s-thumb, Lamb’s-quarters, Leafy spurge1, Oak-leaved goosefoot, Plantain, Prickly lettuce, Ragweed, Redroot pigweed, Round-leaved mallow, Russian thistle, Shepherd’s purse, Smartweed, Stinkweed, Stork’s-bill, Sweet clover, Tansy mustard, Tartary buckwheat, Vetch, Volunteer flax, Volunteer sunflower, Wild buckwheat, Wild mustard, Wild radish

            Weeds Suppressed: Annual sow thistle, Canada thistle1, Chickweed3, Hemp-nettle 

Rates: 53 ac/ case rate
Alternate rate option for excellent kochia control.

            Weeds Controlled:  Annual sunflower, Bluebur, Burdock, Canola (all varieties), Cleavers3, Cocklebur, Field horsetail1, Flixweed, Goat’s-beard, Hoary cress1, Lamb’s-quarters, Kochia3, Plantain, Prickly lettuce, Ragweed, Shepherd’s purse, Stinkweed, Sweet clover, Vetch, Wild buckwheat, Wild mustard, Wild radish

Technical Specifications

  • Rates

    40 ac/case
    -  For heavy weed populations, larger weeds or poor growing  conditions.
    53 ac/case
    -  Alternate rate option for excellent kochia control.
    Water volume
    -  Ground 20-40 L/ac (5-10 US gal/ac.)
    -  Aerial 12-20 L/ac (3-5 US gal/ac.)

  • Application Timing

    When to apply
    •  Crop stage: 4 leaf - flag leaf
    •  Weed stage: 1- 6 leaf or as indicated on the product label

     Rainfast:  1 hour

  • Crop Rotation

    Seed to all major crops the year following application, plus:
    •  Alfalfa
    •  Corn
    •  Dry beans
    •  Potatoes
    •  Soybeans
    •  Sugar beets
    •  Sunflowers

  • Mixing Instructions

    1) Fill the spray tank with ½ to ¾ of the required amount of water.
    2) Continue agitation throughout the mixing and spraying procedure.
    3) Add any required water conditioners.
    4) Add any tank-mix partners that are a dry formulation.
    5) Add the required amount of grassy weed tank-mix partner.
    6) Add the required amount of Attain XC A.
    7) Add the required amount of Attain XC B.
    8) Add any required adjuvant or surfactants.
    9) Complete filling the sprayer tank with water.
    Note: Do not mix undiluted herbicides in the chem-handler.

  • Grazing

    •  Allow 7 days after application before grazing lactating animals.
    •  Livestock may graze treated areas 3 days after application.
    •  Withdraw meat animals from treated areas at least 3 days before slaughter.
    •  Allow 30 days after application before cutting hay or harvesting forage.
    •  Mature crops may be harvested 60 days after application.

  • Tank Mixes

    •  Simplicity™ GoDRI™
    •  Liquid Achieve™ 
    •  Assert®
    •  Everest® 
    •  Horizon® 
    •  Puma®

  • Herbicide Group

    Group 4

  • Additional Information

    Performance Inquiry Guidelines

    - Corteva encourages contact within the timelines listed for proper field assessments to resolve and rectify the call.
    - After these deadlines, it is difficult to determine the circumstances leading to non-performance.
    - Seed - Days After Use - Within 21 days (after crop emergence).
    - Pre-emergent herbicides - Days After Use - Within 21 days (after crop emergence).
    - Post emergent herbicides - Days After Use - Within 21 days after treatment.
    - Pre-seed herbicides - Days After Use - Within 21 days after treatment.
    - Pre-harvest or post harvest - Days After Use - Within 21 days after seeding – the following spring.
    - Fallow applications - Days After Use - Within 21 days after treatment.
    - Fungicides - Days After Use - 7 days after treatment.

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