Ares™ SN


Ares™ SN Herbicide is a selective herbicide that is applied as an early post-emergence treatment in Clearfield® Canola and Clearfield Canola Quality Brassica juncea. The performance standard in weed control for Clearfield® canola.


Ares SN herbicide offers many proven benefits

Canola Benefit

A key benefit of the Clearfield system is growers can choose the herbicide that best solves their weed control needs and sustainability strategies and Ares SN is a smart choice due to its superior efficacy and wider window of application on 2-7 leaf weeds and more.


  • Registered
  • Unregistered


Weeds controlled and staging

BROADLEAF - cotyledon to 4 leaf stage (except where indicated)
Chickweed2 Russian Thistle
Cleavers(1 to 4 whorls) Shepherd's purse2
Cow cockle Stinkweed2
Green Smartweed Stork's Bill2
Hemp-nettle Volunteer Canola2,3
Lamb’s quarters (cotyledon to 6 leaf) Volunteer tame mustard
Redroot pigweed2 Wild buckwheat(cotyledon to 6 leaf)
Round-leaved mallow Wild Mustard2
Grassses - 1 to 6 leaf stage(except where indicated)
Green Foxtail2  
Persian darnel  
Spring germinating Japanese brome grass (1 to 4 leaf)
Volunteer barley  
Volunteer canary seed  
Volunteer durum wheat  
Volunteer spring wheat4  
Volunteer tame oats  
Wild oats  
Yellow foxtail  

1 AresTM SN herbicide is registered for use only in the Prairie Provinces.

Not for use in the Peace Region of Alberta and British Columbia.

2 Multiple flushing weeds.

3 Non-Clearfield canola varieties.
4Non-imazamox-tolerant varieties only.



Technical Specifications

  • Application Rate
    One case will treat 40 acres.


    AresTM SN herbicide                    244 ml/ac (603 ml/ha)

    Merge Adjuvant5                          0.5% v/v (e.g. 0.5 L per 100 L spray solution)

    Water valume


    Ground application Only            20 to 40 L/ac (5 to 10 gal/ac)

    5 Merge adjuvant is required and is included with Ares SN herbicide.



  • Mixing Instructions

    1. Add 3/4 of clean water needed.

    2. Add the required amount of AresTM SN herbicide.

    3. If tank mix is being applied, add required amount of tank-mix partner.

    4. Add the required amount of Merge adjuvant.

  • Crop Rotation
    1 year after application


    • Canary Seed
    • Chickpeas
    • Field peas
    • Field corn
    • Clearfield canola
    • Clearfield canola quality Brassica Juncea
    • Spring wheat (including Clearfield Wheat)
    • Barley
    • Lentils(including Clearfield Lentils)


    2 years after application


    • Non-Clearfield canola
    • Durum wheat
    • Tame oats
    • Flax
    • Sunflower
  • Tank Mixes

    Herbicides for Clearfield canola:

    LontrelTM 3606

    • Canola Stage: 2-6 leaf
    • Rate of Tank Mix: 84 ml/ac


    LontrelTM XC6

    • Canola Stage: 2-6 leaf
    • Rate of Tank Mix: 51 ml/ac


    6 Registered for Clearfield canola only. DO NOT apply to Clearfield canola quality Brassica juncea Always read and follow the label

  • Application Timing

    Rainfastness – 2 hours.

    Avoid application immediately before or after frost or during unseasonably cold weather.

    Use higher water volume on dense weeds and thicker canopies.

  • Application Timing
    Pre-harvest interval


    60 days after application for Clearfield canola