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Soybean Portfolio

Control. Flexibility. Results. We tailor our leading soybean products for farmers in Eastern Canada, so you can always find a solution that yields results.

Solutions that Yield Results

At Corteva Agriscience™, we know that every soybean field is unique and that every farmer faces different challenges each year. Which is why you need weed management options that are comprehensive, flexible and work with the season at hand.

Our R&D facilities across the country ensure we’re delivering customized approaches to your specific needs. With the largest portfolio of soybean crop protection products in Canada, we help farmers achieve those hard-to-get results in any soybean field, covering you from pre- to post-emergence with multiple modes of action to manage resistance.

Which Soybean Product is Right for You?

Broadstrike RC

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A one‑pass, soil-applied weed control solution, Broadstrike™ RC herbicide manages hard-to-control, no-till weeds like Canada fleabane and wild carrot.

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Canopy PRO

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Canopy™ PRO herbicide delivers broad-spectrum and residual activity to help maximize early-season control of tough weeds like Canada fleabane. 

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Weed-free soybean field

Easy to use from pre-plant to post-emergence, Classic™ herbicide provides excellent control of late-emerging broadleaf weeds. 

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Commenza Grass Control

Commenza herbicide provides three active ingredients and residual activity for soil applied cross-spectrum broadleaf and grass control.

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Diligent Herbicide

Diligent™ herbicide offers flexible defense against a range of tough and resistant broadleaf weeds in soybeans, including glyphosate-resistant waterhemp.

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For a clean start and long-lasting weed control, use Elevore™ herbicide for pre-plant burndown of broadleaf weeds, including glyphosate resistant Canada fleabane.

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FirstRate™ herbicide provides effective, economical pre- and post-emergence control of the most troublesome broadleaf weeds, including giant ragweed and Canada fleabane.

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Sprayer in soybean field

Freestyle herbicide provides enhanced residual control of the most troublesome grass and broadleaf weeds, including tough weeds like Eastern black nightshade. 

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Acapela™ is the only group 11 fungicide that controls white mould. Its unique movement properties provide complete coverage and superior protection for healthier crops, with higher yield potential.

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