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Plug the gaps in your soybean broadleaf weed control program with the crop-safe tank mix that controls giant ragweed and Canada fleabane in soybeans.


By adding FirstRate herbicide to your weed control program, you will be giving soybeans your best shot.

Tank mix flexibility

FirstRate can be tank-mixed with other herbicides and used in non-GMO or glyphoste tolerant soybeans to improve control of broadleaf weeds.

Superior control

FirstRate offers superior control of both giant ragweed and Canada fleabane when compared to other soil-applied programs or post-emergent programs


Below lists the crops that FirstRate herbicide can be used on.


Weeds Controlled

Pre-emergence (8.5 g/ac)

  • Ragweed, Common1
  • Lamb's-quarters, Common1
  • Velvetleaf

Pre-emergence (17 g/ac)

  • Above weeds plus
  • Cocklebur
  • Lamb’s-quarters (heavy infestations

Post-emergence (8.5 g/ac)
  • Ragweed, Common1 (4-8 leaf)
  • Ragweed, Giant1 (4-6 leaf)
  • Velvetleaf (2-4 leaf)
  • Cocklebur, Common (4-8 leaf)
  • Jimsonweed (2-4 leaf)

1Note: Group 2 resistant biotypes are known to exist and these populations will not be controlled

Provincial Registrations

Now registered in the following provinces:

  • Registered
  • Unregistered

Technical Specifications

  • Application Method
    Aerial: Not registered for aerial application.
  • Approved Use
    • Refer to the FirstRate label for complete use instructions.
      Refer to the Controlled Weeds list for the full list of weeds.
  • Rates

    Preplant | Pre-emergent

    For control of giant ragweed (preemergence and cotyledon to 4 leaf stage), heavy infestations of lambs‑quarters, common ragweed, velvetleaf and cocklebur, apply FirstRate herbicide at a rate of 41.7 grams of product per hectare (one water soluble packet treats 0.4 hectares).

    For control of giant ragweed (cotyledon to 6 leaf stage) and above labeled weeds apply FirstRate herbicide at a rate of 20.8 g/ha (one water soluble packet treats 0.8 hectares) plus 0.25% v/v Agral® 90 plus 2.5% v/v liquid fertilizer (28-0-0 or 32-0-0).


    For control of giant ragweed and Canada fleabane (up to the 20 leaf stage) and other labeled weeds as well as suppression of horsenettle.

    Apply FirstRate herbicide at a rate of 20.8 g/ha (one water soluble packet treats 0.8 ha) plus 0.25% v/v Agral® 90 plus 2.5% v/v liquid fertilizer (28-0-0 or 32-0-0).

  • Application Timing

    Post-emergence application

    FirstRate Herbicide may be applied any time prior to the flowering stage of soybeans. Application prior to full emergence of the first trifoliate leaf may cause temporary yellowing of soybeans. This effect is transient and has no effect on soybean yields. Application timing restrictions of tank-mix partners should be followed. When applied in a tank-mix combination, follow applicable use instructions, including rates, precautions and restrictions of each product used in the tank mixture.

  • Crop Rotation

    When tank mixing with other herbicides, follow the crop rotation on the label of each product used.

    Crop Rotational Interval (Months)

    • Soybean: 0
    • Wheat: 4
    • Corn: 9

    A field bioassay should be conducted before planting other crops not listed above. A successful field bioassay means growing to maturity test strips of the crop(s) intended for production the following year.

  • Packaging

    Water soluble packaging: 10 x 17 g water soluble packets per package

    Bottle: 4 x 340 g/case

  • Mixing Instructions

    FirstRate herbicide is a water dispersible granule formulation. Thorough mixing is required. Vigorous, continuous agitation during mixing, filling and throughout application is required. Sparger pipe agitators generally provide the most effective agitation in spray tanks. To prevent foaming in the spray tank avoid stirring or splashing air into the spray mixture. To prevent foaming during filling keep end of fill pipe below the surface of the liquid in the spray tank. The addition of an anti-foaming agent such as Halt® may also reduce foaming.

    The following method is recommended:

    1. Fill the spray tank with 1/4 to 1/3 of the total amount of water required for the load.
    2. Start the agitation system.
    3. Open the foil over-pack and add the required number of water soluble packets (product in transparent film) directly into the spray tank while agitating. Do not open water soluble packets. Water soluble packets will float on the surface until the water soluble film dissolves and releases the product. Handling packets with hands should be minimized.
    4. Continue agitation until the product is completely dispersed.
    5. For postemergence applications only: Add the non-ionic surfactant and liquid fertilizer after the water soluble packets have dissolved completely.
    6. Complete filling spray tank while continuing agitation system.
    7. Before spraying, make sure the product is thoroughly dispersed in the water.
      If spraying and agitation must be stopped before the spray tank is empty, the materials may settle to the bottom. Settled materials must be re-suspended before spraying is resumed. A sparger agitator is particularly useful for this purpose. Settled material may be more difficult to re-suspend than when originally mixed. Line screens in the spray tank should be no finer than 50 mesh.
  • Herbicide Group

    Group 2

  • Tank Mixes


    • Broadstrike™
    • Dual Pursuit® 
    • Roundup®
  • Additional Information

    Rainfast: 2 hours

    Pre-harvest intervals:

    Do not harvest soybean plants for forage or hay. Do not harvest soybeans for 65 days after application.

    Caution: Do not graze the treated crops or cut for hay; sufficient data are not available to support this.




Before use and for complete product information, please read and follow label directions.

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