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When you need effective control, convenience and a wide range of innovative approaches to fight pests, look to Corteva Agriscience’s diverse portfolio of herbicides. We have product solutions that yield results.

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Enlist™ 1


The Enlist™ weed control system will change how you think about weed management in soybeans.



With Arylex™ Active Just GO benefits, Exhilarate™ controls all your standard annual broadleaf weeds in wheat and barley.



By adding FirstRate herbicide to your weed control program, you will be giving soybeans your best shot.



Early-Season weed control for soybeans.

Garlon RTU


Garlon RTU provides vegetation managers selective control of woody plants in a convenient, ready to use formulation for basal bark and stump treatment programs.

Garlon XRT


Garlon™ XRT is a selective, systemic herbicide that provides control of hard-to-kill woody plants and broadleaf weeds.

Grazon XC


Grazon™ XC, trusted broadleaf weed and tree control for pasture.

Guardian MAX


When hard-to-kill, early-season weeds threaten your soybeans, call for the toughness, flexibility and dependability of Guardian™ MAX.

Kerb SC


Kerb™ SC herbicide provides selective weed control in alfalfa, trefoil, ornamentals, strawberry, apple, pear, lowbush blueberry, lettuce and established pasture.

Korrex II


Korrex™ II, with SoilActive™ technology, provides superior pre-seed control of all forms of kochia, including glyphosate resistant kochia, and other tough broadleaf weeds for up to two weeks after application.

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Be In Control with Leading Herbicide Solutions

Offering farmers a wide range of innovative solutions for effective weed control, resistance management and more. For increased crop yield and profitability, see our full lineup of powerful herbicides.

Barley crop with clouds

Cirpreme™ XC Herbicide

Cirpreme™ XC herbicide provides exceptional, fail-safe control of the most persistent annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in wheat and barley. Your worst weeds, including Canada thistle, dandelion and narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, don’t stand a chance.

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Knight standing in a field of soybeans

Canopy™ PRO Herbicide

Get powerful burndown and residual action against annual weeds with Canopy™ PRO herbicide. Early pre-emergence weed removal keeps your fields clean through the critical early stages of growth to help your crop reach its maximum yield potential.

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Rows of corn with blue sky

Elevore™ Herbicide

Introducing Elevore™ herbicide – a Group 4 option for pre-plant burndown of broadleaf weeds, including glyphosate-resistant Canada fleabane, in both field corn and soybeans.

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Soybean pod close-up

Freestyle™ Herbicide

Offering more flexibility and more control, you’re the boss with Freestyle™ herbicide. Freestyle controls many grasses and broadleaf weeds and integrates easily with your soybean production system.   

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Wheat landscape

Pixxaro™ Herbicide

Pixxaro™ herbicide, with Arylex™ active, offers superior annual broadleaf weed control and the ability to spray when you want, in the conditions you’ve got with confidence. Just GO. 

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Farmer in field in front of red truck

Simplicity™ GoDRI™ Herbicide

Simplicity™ GoDRI™ herbicide provides elite wild oat control, including Group 2 resistant wild oats, with additional bonus broadleaf weed control in a convenient, easy-to-use GoDRI formulation.

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Rexade™ Herbicide

The complete wheat herbicide – a unique all-in-one solution delivering pure performance through convenient grass and broadleaf weed control in wheat.

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Canada fleabane in corn

Enlist Duo

Enlist Duo®combines two proven modes of action for exceptional control of a broad spectrum of weeds, including hard-to-control and resistant weeds. So much for those so-called “tough” weeds.

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Row crop

Destra IS

Destra™ IS is a post-emergence herbicide that gives growers an effective tool to control weeds in corn while managing herbicide resistance. Destra IS delivers unsurpassed convenience and flexibility, making weed control hassle-free.

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Weeds Don’t Stand a Chance

From kochia and Canadian thistle to narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard and more, Corteva Agriscience has a product solution for effective control of the weeds you face on a day-to-day basis. Check out our diverse and innovative product lineup.