Agronomy •  2022-04-26

Integrated Crop Protection Solutions for Corn

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corn growth chart

Corn growers make a lot of decisions throughout the season – everything from hybrids to crop protection options to application timing to assessing which fields should be harvested first for best yield results.

Each and every corn field needs a lot of attention throughout the year and a one-size-fits-all approach to crop protection just won’t do. We’re here to help with integrated solutions for corn that allow you to choose from a wide range of customized crop protection products that fit the specific needs of each corn field you have.

For example, corn plants start ramping up nitrogen intake around the V5 to V6 stage as they get set to make yield. It’s critical, therefore, that any late-emerging nutrient-stealing weeds are cleared away prior that, and this is where Destra™ IS herbicide plays a key role.

With its advanced dry formulation, Destra IS is a convenient, easy-to-use, one-pass herbicide for early post-emergent weed control. Quick knockdown and residual activity keeps your corn crop weed-free during a critical growth period. Plus, it’s safe on the crop and is an excellent complement to glyphosate, so you can manage resistance and input costs.

Additionally, ensure the nitrogen you applied is both present and available when the crop needs it with nitrogen stabilizers eNtrench NXTGEN™ or new Utrisha™ N. ENtrench NXTGEN extends nitrogen availability in the soil for up to eight weeks, keeping nitrogen available and ready when your crop needs it most: during critical growth stages and keeps it available during critical early growth stages.  Utrisha™ N nutrient efficiency biostimulant is the first biological solution from Corteva Agriscience™. It provides a unique way for plants to capture nitrogen from the air and reduces the dependency of nitrogen uptake from the soil. This ensures the crop has access to nitrogen all season long.

Get your corn off to a strong start with Lumivia™ seed treatment for outstanding protection against wireworms, black cutworms, white grub and seed corn maggot.

Mid-season, protect corn against Northern corn leaf blight with Acapela™ fungicide. If thistles are a problem, try Lontrel™ XC herbicide for systemic control that gets right to the roots of hard-to-control perennials like sow thistle and Canada thistle.

And if you detect the presence of European corn borer or Western bean cutworm, then Delegate™ insecticide with Jemvelva™ active (spinetoram) is your answer. A unique Group 5 insecticide, Delegate is an excellent resistance management tool that offers fast and effective control by contact and ingestion.

Our Integrated Solutions promise. At Corteva, when we say, “we’re all in” we mean it. You want the best in crop protection for your crops and we deliver with our comprehensive lineup of seed and crop protection solutions that meet your specific needs – field by field, crop by crop.

We want what you want – high yields and excellent crop quality – and we are committed to helping you achieve that. We’re ALL in.

To learn more about our integrated solutions for corn, including pests controlled and application timing, download our infographic.