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High yields, clean fields. From pre-plant to post-emergence, our high-performing corn products are tailored for farmers in Eastern Canada, so it’s easy to choose the best solution for your field.

Corn Solution

Products that fit your farm

We know the crop protection market can be difficult to navigate with multiple products competing for your acre. Our R&D facilities across the country ensure we’re delivering solutions that are as easy to use as they are effective. From pre-plant to post-emergence, Corteva Agriscience™ offers farmers the dependability and application flexibility to deal with the unexpected. Developed for Eastern Canada, our corn products provide effective control to ease weed anxieties and maximize yield potential.

Which Solution is Right for You?

Destra™ IS herbicide

Row crop

Destra™ IS herbicide is an effective tool to control weeds while managing herbicide resistance. 

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Engarde™ herbicide

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Engarde™ herbicide controls tough broadleaf and grass weeds with knockdown and residual action, from pre-emergence up to the 2-leaf stage.

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Acapela™ fungicide

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Acapela™ fungicide has one-of-a-kind movement properties that help provide complete coverage and superior protection to deliver healthier crops and higher yield potential

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Delegate™ Insecticide

Take WBC out of the picture

Get ahead of Western bean cutworm infestations with Delegate™, a powerful Group 5 insecticide.

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Lontrel™ XC Herbicide

Corn Early grow

Lontrel™ XC provides excellent control of Canada thistle and other broadleaf weeds in close proximity to most tree species.

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Steadfast™ IS Herbicide

Corn rows

Steadfast IS herbicide is your go-to solution for control of grasses and volunteer canola in field corn. It comes in a low use rate extruded WG formulation for easy measuring and mixing. Steadfast IS comes with a built-in crop safener allowing for a wide window of application and use on low heat unit corn hybrids.

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