The Perfect Trio for your Pioneer® brand soybeans

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lumisena, lumiderm, pioneer and acapela

Necessity is the mother of invention, or so the saying goes. It’s why modern-day society is how it is and why we have Bluetooth technology and GPS in our trucks and tractors and drones to scout our fields for weeds and disease. These were invented to make life easier, simpler, and better.

The same could be said for how you grow your crops today. A lot has changed over the years, and those changes have helped you become the grower you are now. Evolving to become more efficient at what you do doesn’t have to be rocket science - but in the case of your soybean crops, it definitely helps if science is involved. At Corteva Agriscience™, we want to make your job as simple and straightforward as possible, providing you with a range of products to not only protect and grow your crops but to also save you time, energy and money. How do we do that?

Countless hours of research, quality assurance and field trials - and the Lumisena™ Perfect Trio.

The Lumisena Perfect Trio is made up of Lumisena fungicide seed treatment, Lumiderm™ insecticide seed treatment and Acapela™ fungicide. When paired with Pioneer® brand soybean varieties, you’re looking at an unstoppable soybean crop.

Lumisena provides you with the most advanced protection against phytophthora, offering a unique class of chemistry for improved above and below ground disease control for higher yield potential. It’s the only seed-applied technology that delivers residual protection across multiple stages of the phytophthora pathogen’s life cycle. It improves plant stands and enhances plant vigour and emergence to maximize yield potential.

Lumiderm provides broad spectrum protection from early-season pests including bean leaf beetle and soybean aphid and delivers uniform, healthy stands for maximum yields. Using a unique mode of action with a favourable environmental profile, Lumiderm simplifies seed treatment decision-making considerably.

Acapela is your broad-spectrum fungicide that’s designed to provide outstanding protection against white mould, Asian soybean rust, frogeye leafspot and septoria brown spot in soybeans. It’s the only group 11 fungicide that controls white mould, a one-of-a-kind fungicide that quickly and efficiently surrounds, penetrates and protects the leaf and stem. In addition to outstanding disease control, Acapela supports positive plant performance, even in stressful conditions, increasing chlorophyll content and plant productivity.

Still not sure about the power of this trio?

When you purchase your Pioneer brand soybeans treated with Lumisena and Lumiderm, you’re receiving the LumiGEN™ mark of assurance. LumiGEN is the overarching seed treatment portfolio brand exclusive to the seed brands from Corteva Agriscience. This guarantees our seed treatments like Lumisena and Lumiderm are designed, verified and proven in the field with our soybean genetics. Each year, hundreds of product concept combinations are evaluated and tested in real fields on real farms ensuring you get the most out of your soybean crop. Plus, Acapela is complementary to your Pioneer seed genetics, giving you the best protection to enable your seed to reach its full potential.

When it comes to your crop protection products, it doesn’t need to get complicated. Together, the Lumisena Perfect Trio is the best way to ensure a great start to your growing season, protect your crop from yield-robbing pests and diseases, and lock in the high yields you expect from Pioneer.