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Improve pasture health and help protect your livestock from poisonous weeds

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Grass production isn’t the only thing that could suffer when invasive weeds, brush and trees invade your permanent grass pasture and rangeland.

Many common invasive weeds in Western Canada, such as tansy ragwort, tall buttercup and hoary alyssum, are poisonous to livestock. While cattle will generally avoid toxic plants because of their bitter taste, poisonings can often occur early or late in the season when desirable forage plants are in shorter supply1.

The impact of invasive weeds

Invasive weeds spread aggressively, reducing the quality and quantity of forage available by making them less accessible or attractive to grazing animals and by competing with desirable plants. In fact, weeds can rob a pasture of up to 63 per cent of forage yield, if left untreated.

Additionally, livestock can be poisoned or injured while grazing certain plants2. These plants contain toxic compounds that can result in weight loss, weakness, rapid pulse and un-thriftiness3

However, with good pasture management, you can keep desirable forage species throughout the grazing season and reduce the possibility of your animals grazing poisonous weeds.

Growing more grass and managing it well will also help maximize your operation’s profitability. See our article on how growing better grass can help you boost your bottom line.

Effective and sustainable pasture management

By implementing an integrated pasture management plan through incorporating the use of our tailored Range & Pasture solutions, you can help your pasture reach its full grass production potential, improve your bottom line, enhance the health of your herd and create sustainable grazing resources for the future.

Here are some recommended products to effectively manage weeds, including poisonous weeds, brush and trees in permanent grass pasture and grazed rangeland:

  • Restore™ II herbicide is an easy-to-use, broad spectrum product for the control of invasive broadleaf weeds such as scentless chamomile, tall buttercup and Canada thistle.
  • Reclaim™ II herbicide delivers the most trusted extended control of broadleaf weeds and brush, such as silverberry (wolf-willow), Western snowberry (buckbrush) and wild rose.
  • Grazon™ XC herbicide provides proven and effective extended control of a variety of broadleaf weeds and trees, such as aspen, birch and willow.

Refer to product label for more details.

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