Annual and Perennial Broadleaf Control with Rotational Freedom

Narrow-leaved hawk's beard

Get control of the widest range of annual broadleaf weeds including kochia (Group 2 and Group 9 resistant), narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, wild buckwheat, Canada thistle, perennial sow thistle and dandelion with rotational freedom to lentils or chickpeas the following year

Multi-Mode of Action

Multi-Mode of Action wordmark

Tank mixed with 2,4-D Ester, get multi-mode of action control of many key broadleaf weeds

Exceptional Grass Control

Wheat Crop

Group 2 control of wild oats and Japanese brome.


Tridem herbicide can be used on:


Wheat, Durum (Triticum durum)

Wheat, Spring Seeded (Triticum aestivum)

Winter Wheat


Weeds Controlled

TRIDEM + 215 ml/ac OF 2,4-D ESTER 700 (5 oz/ac)

Narrow-leaved hawk’s‑beard Volunteer canola**
Annual sow thistle Plantain Volunteer flax**
Bluebur Prickly lettuce Wild buckwheat**
Cleavers** Ragweed (false and giant) Wild mustard**
Cocklebur Redroot pigweed** Wild radish
Common chickweed** Round-leaved mallow** Wild sunflower**
Cow cockle Russian pigweed
Daisy fleabane Russian thistle Canada thistle
False flax Shepherd’s purse** Dandelion
Flixweed Smartweed** Perennial sow thistle
Goat’s-beard Stinging nettle
Hemp-nettle Stinkweed** Japanese brome
Kochia Stork’s-bill Wild oats
Lamb’s-quarters Sweet clover  
** Weed controlled by multi-mode of action when tank mixed with 2,4-D Ester at 5 oz per acre



Now registered in the following provinces:

  • Registered
  • Unregistered

Technical Specifications

  • Herbicide Group
    • Group 2 (grass)
    • Group 2 and 4 (broadleaf)
  • Additional Information

    Rainfast: 2 hours

  • Application Timing

    Tridem + 2,4-D Ester

    Crop: 4-leaf to 6-leaf

  • Packaging
    • 40 acre co-packs
    • 240 acre bulk units
  • Crop Rotation

     All major crops the following spring

  • Tank Mixes

    2, 4-D Ester

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