Tanos™ dry-flowable fungicide powerfully combines disease control and resistance management. With active ingredients from Group 11 and Group 27, it controls early blight and late blight in potatoes and field tomatoes and several diseases in blackberry, raspberry and other caneberries.

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Tanos, a dry-flowable fungicide, rapidly penetrates leaf surfaces to provide both post-infection and locally systemic control of late blight.

Resistant to wash-off

A portion of the Tanos application also remains on the leaf surface and within the waxy cuticle, making it resistant to wash-off and providing excellent control of early blight.


In potatoes and field tomatoes, Tanos controls early blight and late blight. It controls downy mildew in cucumber and caneberry anthracnose, caneberry spur blight, cane botrytis and pre-harvest fruit rot in caneberries (including blackberry; raspberry, red and black; wild raspberry; loganberry; cultivars and hybrids of these).

Effective tool

Tanos combines Group 11 and Group 27 fungicides, making it an effective tool for resistance management.


Below lists the crops that Tanos fungicide can be used on.

Provincial Registrations

Now registered in the following provinces:

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  • Unregistered

Technical Specifications

  • Approved Use
    Refer to the Tanos label for complete use instructions.
    Refer to the Controlled Diseases list for the full list of diseases.
  • Rates
    Please refer to the Tanos label for complete information.
    One (1) jug of Tanos contains 3.4 kg of product.
  • Application Timing
    • Make the first application of Tanos 50 DF fungicide following one to two applications of a preventative broad spectrum fungicide such as chlorothalonil or mancozeb.
    • Make the second application no less than 12 days after the first; a third application may be made no less than 24 days after the second.
    • Apply Tanos 50 DF fungicide in a preventative program.
    • When using Tanos 50 DF fungicide in a fungicide program, a recommendation is to alternate with other fungicides to manage resistance.
    • Utilize sufficient water to obtain thorough coverage.
    • Ground - Conventional - no less than 250 - 300 l/ha
    - Air assisted - no less than 110 l/ha
  • Crop Rotation
    Crops that are on the Tanos 50 DF fungicide label may be planted back at any time; cereal grains may be planted back following a minimum plantback interval of 30 days; and all other crops may be planted back following a minimum plantback interval of one year.
  • Mixing Instructions
    1) Fill the tank 1/4 to 1/3 full of water.
    2) While agitating, add the required amount of Tanos™ 50 DF Fungicide.
    3) Continue agitation until the Tanos™ 50 DF Fungicide is fully dispersed, at least 5 minutes.
    4) Once the Tanos 50 DF fungicide is fully dispersed, maintain agitation and continue filling tank with water. Tanos 50 DF fungicide should be thoroughly mixed with water before adding any other material.
    5) If the mixture is not continuously agitated, settling will occur. If settling occurs, thoroughly reagitate before using.
    6) Apply Tanos 50 DF fungicide spray mixture within 12 hours of mixing to avoid product degradation.

    When applied as a tank-mix combination, read and observe all label directions, including rates, restrictions, and grazing limitations for each product used in the tank mix.
  • Herbicide Group

    • Group 11

    • Group 27


For more information, download the full label

Tanos Fungicide Label.

Fongicide Tanos étiquette principale.

Download MSDS

Tanos Fungicide MSDS.

Fongicide Tanos fiche signalétique.

Before use and for complete product information, please read and follow label directions.