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No one protects your cereal crop like Corteva Agriscience™.

Straxan™ fungicide seed treatment delivers powerful protection against early season seed and soil-borne diseases in a ready-to-use and easy to apply formulation. Pair with Lumivia™ CPL insecticide seed treatment for the broadest insect control and Win the Start.


Excellent seedling protection

St Albert Comparison - Straxan

Straxan provides excellent seedling protection against early season seed and seedling diseases to maximize crop stand establishment and yield potential. Straxan delivers powerful protection from yield robbing diseases like Fusarium graminearum and true loose smut.











Easy-to-Use Formulation

Treated vs untreated seed comparison for Straxan

Ready-to-use and easy-to-apply formulation for complete seed coverage and treating flexibility through both commercial seed treaters and on-farm equipment.

Lumivia™ CPL Insecticide Seed Treatment

Osler SK comparison - Straxan

Pair with Lumivia™ CPL for the broadest cereal insect control, including wireworm and cutworm, and Win the Start.
































From the Industry Leader in Cereal Protection

Portage la Prarie comparison - Straxan

Straxan extends Corteva’s industry leading cereal solutions portfolio, delivering cereal protection you can trust throughout the season.



Technical Specifications

  • Fungicide Group

    Group 3, 4

  • Packaging
    Straxan: Lumivia CPL:
    • 2 x 9.5L Cases
    • 113.5L Drums
    • 4 x 3.5L Cases
    • 52L Kegs

    *The number of bushels treated will vary depending on the test weight of the seed. Always calculate seed density before treating.

    • 3 jugs of Straxan pairs with 1 jug of Lumivia CPL.
    • 1 drum of Straxan pairs with 1 case (4 jugs) of Lumivia CPL
  • Rates


    Crop Lbs/Bu Rate
    (per 100kg Seed)
    /9.5L jug
    /113.5L drum
    Wheat/Durum 60 325 88.5 107 1280
    Barley 48 325 70.8 133 1600
    Oats 32 325 47.2 200 2400


    Lumivia CPL

    Crop Lbs/Bu Rate
    (per 100kg Seed)
    /3.5L jug
    Wheat/Durum 60 40 10.9 320
    Barley 48 40 8.7 400
    Oats 32 40 5.8 600


Registered for use in Western Canada.

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Before use and for complete product information, please read and follow label directions.

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