Agronomy •  2023-10-12

One secret to soybean success: seed treatments

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soybean seedling emergence

Soybean farmers know that success starts with the right seed decision, and selecting the right seed treatment to give seeds their best start is the second most important decision.

The right seed treatment can significantly contribute to every crop development stage – from seeding and emergence, right through to harvest. Seed treatments protect seeds and seedlings from seed and soil borne diseases and insect pests affecting crop emergence and its growth. The added support of a seed treatment helps soybean emergence, getting them out of the pest danger zone faster and setting the crop up for a more even stand.

Seedling protection supports uniform healthy stands to maximize yield potential and overall crop success.

Corteva Seed Applied Technology solutions

Seed treatments are one of the secrets to success for every soybean crop. Seed Applied Technology like Lumiderm™ and LumiTreo™   are especially important during cool, wet spring conditions when emergence can be delayed, exposing seed to pests and diseases for extended periods.

Lumiderm insecticide seed treatment also provides season-long benefits by protecting against early season pests like bean leaf beetles, wireworms, soybean aphids, cutworms and more. Lumiderm offers premium, extended seedling protection that delivers a uniform and healthy stand to help maximize yield potential.

A fungicide soybean seed treatment, LumiTreo provides three modes of action and is a soybean farmer’s strongest choice for controlling Phytophthora.

LumiTreo is formulated to protect against soybean seedling disease complex (damping off, seedling blight, seed and root rot) caused by Phytophthora, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, seed-borne Phomopsis, and Pythium. LumiTreo is available on Corteva genetics, as part of the LumiGEN® seed treatment offering.

One of the most destructive soybean diseases in Eastern Canada, Phytophthora root rot thrives in wet soils. Phytophthora can harm or even kill soybean plants at any time throughout the growing season, right from seeding to maturity, and lead to significant yield loss. Fungicide seed treatments, like LumiTreo can help manage this devastating disease. For fields that have suffered from Phytophthora, farmers should consider an integrated crop management approach that includes selecting varieties with resistant genes and fungicide seed treatments like LumiTreo.

The best start for soybeans

Rapid seed germination and stand establishment are critical factors for crop production. Establishing a strong, even soybean stand also means crops are easier to manage. A consistent stand makes for easier herbicide and fungicide staging and more effective application. Crop consistency is most obvious at harvest, when an uneven stand can create problems due to green material or additional moisture.

Giving soybeans their best start with a carefully selected seed treatment is an investment in season-long success. For more information or recommendations on soybean seed treatment options, consult your trusted agronomist, retailer, or local Corteva Agriscience™ Territory Manager for advice.