OcTTain XL Offer

Sign up to receive $4.00/acre rebate by adding Simplicity Grass Herbicide to your OcTTain XL Herbicide application OR switch to Tridem all-in-one grass and broadleaf herbicide.

Thank you for using OcTTain XL last year

It is important to be able to use a Group 2 wild oat herbicide in your Durum or Spring Wheat. Group 1 wild oat herbicides are the likely choice for Barley, Peas, Lentils, Chickpeas and as a tank mix in Liberty Link® Canola. Therefore, rotating out of a Group 1 in your wheat is important.

Simplicity HerbicideSimplicity GoDRI Herbicide and Tridem Herbicide all offer excellent control of Wild Oats and Japanese Brome from a group 2 herbicide with no re-cropping restrictions.

Why should you sign up for this offer?

  • Excellent control of wild oats and japanese brome in addition to a wide range of broadleaf weeds
  • Ability to seed all major crops the following year
  • Control Group 1 resistant wild oats
  • Wide application window

Eligibility and process

  • We want to get 200,000 acres of OcTTain XL converted to Tridem or Simplicity + Octtain XL
  • You must sign up for this offer using the form below in order to be eligible
  • If you use Simplicity Herbicide/Simplicity GoDRI Herbicide, you must use OcTTain XL as a tank mix
  • This offer is time and volume sensitive
    • First come first served. Once the offer is over, the sign up page will be taken down.
  • You must sign the data authorization form in order to participate

Offer details

$4.00/acre rebate once signed up and purchased.

  • Tridem case rebate of $160.00 per case (40 acres/case)
  • Tridem bulk pack rebate of $960.00 per case (240 acres/bulk pack)
  • Simplicity GoDRI case rebate of $1696 per case (424 acres/case)
  • Simplicity case rebate of $424 per case (106 acres/case)

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