Agronomy •  2021-05-25

Simplicity GoDRI and Bindem, the perfect pair for wheat growers

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Simplicity GoDRI and Bindem are the perfect pair

Herbicide-resistant wild oats have been labelled the “great grain robber,” stealing yield from wheat farmers across Western Canada. In fact, almost 70 percent of wild oats on the Prairies display herbicide resistance, according to new data from the Resistant Wild Oat Action Committee.

To protect your wheat fields and your profits, it’s vital to use high-performing crop protection solutions as part of your integrated weed management strategy.

A perfect pairing to control Group 1 resistant wild oats is Simplicity™ GoDRI™ herbicide with Bindem™ utility modifier. Here are a few reasons why you should use these elite products in combination for a clean, high-yielding wheat crop this growing season:

Elite Group 2 Grass Control

Simplicity GoDRI delivers superior Group 2 wild oat and bonus broadleaf weed control with no re-cropping restrictions in a convenient, easy-to-use GoDRI™ formulation. And, when you introduce a highly effective Group 2 graminicide into your wheat herbicide program, you help reduce the onset of Group 1 resistant wild oats when rotated with different grass herbicide modes of action.

Easy, Effective Spraying

Tank-mix Simplicity GoDRI with Bindem, a new utility modifier, developed to stabilizes the spray solution when Simplicity GoDRI is tank-mixed with a broadleaf herbicide. Bindem is conveniently packaged in a 4 x 80 acre case and has only one use rate, regardless of application volume, making spraying easy and effective with less down time. In past, farmers may have used Agral® 90, AgSurf® Original or Sentry® in these mixtures. If the broadleaf herbicide partner requires a surfactant, follow that product’s label. If Simplicity GoDRI is used alone, it requires a non-ionic surfactant. Always follow label directions.

Convenience and Flexibility

Simplicity GoDRI offers flexibility in its application timing, tank-mix partners and crop rotation. You can apply up to flag leaf emergence, tank mix with any Corteva Agriscience™ cereal broadleaf herbicide and rotate to almost any crop the following year without restriction. You’ll also benefit from bonus broadleaf weed control, and an easy to use GoDRI formulation that delivers fast, easy mixing and handling.

No matter which broadleaf herbicide you choose to tank mix with Simplicity GoDRI, remember to add Bindem to optimize performance and enjoy elite wild oat control for top yielding wheat crops.