Protect young cereals with PRE-emptive defense against tough weeds

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With years in the field, you’ve been in the game long enough to know the drastic impact that annual and perennial broadleaf and grass weeds can have on young cereal plants. Without mercy or remorse, weeds like cleavers, hemp-nettle and volunteer canola block much-needed sunlight and steal nutrients and water in the soil, restricting crop yields and limiting profit margins.

Here’s a quick rundown of how early weed competition can interfere with the growth of your cereal crops this spring:

  • Sunlight stealers: Sunlight is essential for plant growth and at full canopy, a crop’s ability to collect sunlight is maximized. However, early season weeds can often cast a shadow over young cereals, impacting their ability to absorb sunlight and grow.   
  • Water gulpers: Crops use their root systems to extract water from the soil. The only problem is weeds often have stronger root systems and compete very successfully for water in the soil. This could hinder your wheat, for example, if it doesn’t receive the necessary moisture to initiate germination.
  • Nutrient robbers: Weeds also compete vigorously for nutrients. And when your young cereal plants do not receive enough nutrients to satisfy their requirements, they grow poorly. In fact, nutrient deficiencies can reduce yield by 10-to-30 percent before any clear symptoms are observed in the field.

Take pre-emptive action against weeds this season

For a clean, efficient start that will ensure your young cereals get the sunlight, water and nutrients they need to maximize their yield potential, trust Paradigm™ PRE herbicide. Tank mixed with glyphosate, Paradigm PRE is proven to deliver superior extended control (compared to other cereal pre-seed products), and with the power of Arylex™ active, you can Just GO on small or large weeds and in cool spring or fall conditions.

Here are four reasons to make Paradigm PRE your pre-seed application for wheat and barley this spring

  1. GoDRI™ formulation and convenient packaging makes the product easy to mix and handle.
  2. Best-in class weed control on weeds such as dandelion, narrow-leaved hawk’s beard, wild buckwheat, flixweed, stinkweed, volunteer canola and cleavers (including Group 2 resistant cleavers).
  3. SoilActive™ technology delivers extended control of volunteer canola flushes and other broadleaf weeds as they emerge, so there’s no need to wait until the last minute to keep controlling germinating weed seeds.
  4. Built-in resistance management with two modes of action - Group 2 and Group 4. Tank mixing with glyphosate also increases your ability to control certain weeds and adds another mode of action for resistance management.

Don’t let tough weeds bully your cereal plants and steal their nutrients, water and sunlight. Take preemptive action this spring with Paradigm PRE. For more information, visit your retailer or