Pioneer® brand soybeans and Acapela™ fungicide, the perfect pair

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Soybean farmers face a unique set of challenges each growing season. In every field there are different soil types, fertility levels, pest susceptibility and crop histories to consider before deciding on what seed will give you the best results in a specific year. The good news? Nobody knows your farm better than you and no one gives you more options and flexibility than Pioneer.

Pioneer brand soybeans are the ideal choice to help maximize yield and profitability in your area - and they pair perfectly with Acapela fungicide, an advanced crop protection solution from Corteva Agriscience™. Here are the top reasons why you should pair Acapela with your Pioneer brand soybeans: 

White Mould Protection

Acapela is a Group 11 fungicide product that provides reliable protection against white mould, also known as sclerotinia stem rot. However, it also controls other yield-robbing diseases such as Asian soybean rust, frogeye leafspot and septoria brown spot so you have a healthier crop and higher yield potential.

Unique Movement Properties

Acapela has four unique movement properties that quickly and efficiently surround, penetrate and protect the leaf and stem to prevent infection throughout the entire plant. This leads to more consistent performance, healthier crops and higher yield potential in your Pioneer brand soybeans. Rapid absorption also means the broad-spectrum fungicide moves quickly into and within each plant, allowing application to occur even when field conditions are challenging.

Local Testing

Pioneer brand soybeans are the ideal choice to help maximize soybean yield and profitability in your area, especially when protected with Acapela fungicide. Pioneer is the leader in soybean innovation and research, with an extensive network of research centres delivering local solutions to your specific local challenges. This means whatever soybeans you choose will have a diverse set of traits and genetics customized for your farm.

When you add it all up, pairing Pioneer brand soybeans with Acapela is the perfect disease control strategy for growers in Eastern Canada. In addition to planting a proven soybean variety that has been developed and tested in your local growing area to ensure the highest yield potential, you’re provided with the complete coverage and superior protection you need to lock in the best results this growing season.