Everything You Need to Know About Biologicals

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One common theme that runs through every successful farm operation and farmer is the desire to get better. To change. To adapt. To improve year after year after year.

Corteva Agriscience™ biological crop solutions are well positioned to help Canadian growers do just that. Designed to keep farms productive and healthy today and tomorrow, Corteva biologicals are a perfect complement to your existing practices, helping you tackle the challenges of resistance management, enhance ROI and profitability, and preserve your land for the future.

What is a biological?

Biologicals are a new type of agriculture solution derived from natural materials. They are often living organisms and can be bacteria, amino acids, or plant extracts. Regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to ensure they are safe to use, biological products undergo years of testing for proven, predictable performance.

Today, they can be used in a variety of ways for various crops —as a seed treatment, in-furrow, or as a foliar application during the growing season—and offer numerous benefits, including yield enhancement, pest control, improved nutrient efficiency, and better stress tolerance.

Why choose biologicals?

In a recent survey of Canadian farmers, 78 per cent revealed that they are concerned about loss of nitrogen in their fertility program.1 While conventional nitrogen fertilizer remains a critical component of a successful nitrogen program, it can be subject to loss varying from 25-60% depending on environmental conditions.2

Incorporating biologicals on your farm is like adding another tool to your toolbox. These cutting-edge products are best deployed as a complementary solution to persistent challenges such as resistance management, environmental impact, and nitrogen loss in soil.

This is why Corteva Agriscience launched Utrisha™ N – the first biological to be brought to market in North America by the global agriscience leader.

How do biologicals work?

Identifying a clear need in the market, Corteva introduced Utrisha N nutrient e­fficiency biostimulant to help Canadian growers maximize the potential of crops like canola, corn, cereals, and soybeans, to ensure that nitrogen  would not remain a yield-limiting factor.

Utrisha N provides an alternative source of nitrogen that converts nitrogen from the air and supplies it to the plant throughout the growing season, without the risk of loss. In addition to reducing dependency of nitrogen uptake from the soil, it enhances plant growth and resilience by improving season-long nitrogen availability. It’s also easy to incorporate into your farming system, as it offers tank-mix flexibility and can be applied with standard spray equipment.

Utrisha nitrogen flow diagram 

Embracing a balanced future

Committed to making advancements that make a real difference on your farm, Corteva Canada has many new exciting biological innovations set to come out of its industry-leading product pipeline.

By supporting sustainable food production and offering proven, predictable performance year over year, Corteva biologicals such as Utrisha N will help you adapt to changing market expectations, meet consumer preferences, enhance marketability, and ultimately, enhance your profits.

For more details, visit our Utrisha N information page.


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2Corteva Agriscience survey, 2022.