Ares SN and Lontrel XC herbicides, the perfect pair for Clearfield Canola

Ares SN and Lontrel XC = a perfect pairing

From unpredictable weather to volatile markets, there are a lot of factors impacting Canadian canola growers that are out of their control. That’s why growers choose reliable and flexible products like Clearfield® canola, the weed control system that provides farmers with differentiated marketing and management opportunities.

However, having the right seed is only the start. To protect your canola from tough weeds such as thistle, you need herbicides that provide enhanced weed control, with the flexibility to spray at your convenience.

At Corteva Agriscience, our job is to help you keep growing and that means helping you protect your investment. For optimal weed control in Clearfield canola, use Ares™ SN and Lontrel™ XC herbicides, a combination that can be tank-mixed for the most effective control of in-season thistle, right down to the roots. With this unique combination, growers can achieve up to 73% thistle stand reduction the year after application.

Here are just a few reasons why Ares SN and Lontrel XC are the perfect pair to protect your Clearfield canola:

Early season control

Having weed-free canola during the critical early stages of crop development minimizes yield loss. Applied post-emergence in Clearfield canola, Ares SN is a powerful tool that provides superior broadleaf and grass weed control, including subsequent flushes, in one convenient package.

Key weeds controlled:

  • cleavers
  • wild buckwheat
  • redroot pigweed
  • volunteer non-Clearfield canola
  • volunteer cereals
  • wild oats


Wider window of application

Not only is Ares SN the performance standard for weed control in Clearfield canola, it provides a wide window of application from 2-7 leaf, just prior to bolting. With so many factors to consider, it’s nice to have the flexibility to spray at your convenience without worrying about crop injury.

Lasting control for cleaner fields

Lontrel XC herbicide is designed to get to the root of the problem to provide lasting control. It contains clopyralid, a highly systemic herbicide active that translocates down to the roots to provide sharper, longer lasting control of tough perennial broadleaf weeds like Canada thistle, perennial sow thistle and volunteer alfalfa. Tank-mixing high performing herbicides can help you target many “hard-to-control” broadleaf weeds at once and stay ahead of yield robbing weeds like wild buckwheat and thistles. By keeping your fields clean you set the stage for maximum yields, year after year.

When you add it all up, pairing Ares SN herbicide and Lontrel XC herbicide provides the most effective weed control in Clearfield canola to keep you on a clear path to more profitability on your farm.