Agronomy •  2022-03-04

Brevant® seeds corn and Destra™ IS herbicide, the Perfect Pair

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Destra IS and Brevant corn are the perfect pair

The Brevant® seeds corn lineup offers industry leading grain corn, dual-purpose silage corn and BMR silage corn. Our focused portfolio is backed by global research and proven through local testing. Your local Brevant retailer will work with you to select the perfect hybrid for your farm.

As the corn grows, so do the weeds. Managing early season weed pressure is often a challenge when trying to finish planting and cover acres with the sprayer. Choosing Destra IS™ herbicide protects your Brevant seeds corn crop and enables it to reach its full potential, it’s the perfect pair.

Destra IS gives you flexibility in application timing, it’s labelled for application from 3 to 8 leaf corn. Ideally, to minimize weed competition, spray Destra IS starting at the 3 leaf stage of your corn.  Destra IS provides a group 2 and a 27 herbicide to control broadleaves and grasses. It’s the perfect tank mix for your choice of glyphosate when paired with a Brevant seeds glyphosate tolerant corn hybrid. The dry formulation is easy to mix and provides unsurpassed convenience and efficiency when loading the sprayer. The only way to make it easier would be if it sprayed itself.

Keep weeds low and yields high with Brevant seeds corn hybrids and Destra IS herbicide. Consult your local retailer or the Corteva East Product Guide for more information.