Take WBC out of the picture

Solution against Western Bean Cutworm


Take Western bean cutworm in corn out of the picture thanks to with Delegate™ insecticide with Jemvelva™ active (spinetoram)

Western Bean Cutworm (WBC) doesn’t stand a chance with the fast and effective control of Delegate™ insecticide with Jemvelva™ active. Its unique Group 5 chemistry provides contact and residual control of Western bean cutworm to help ensure a high-quality corn crop at harvest. Take Western Bean Cutworm out of the picture with Delegate.


Delegate offers:

  • Fast and effective control of western bean cutworm and European corn borer by contact and ingestion
  • Important rotation/IPM tool because of its unique mode of action
  • Low use rates
  • Translaminar activity provides: Extra protection against insects that feed from the underside of leaves, long-lasting residual control, resistance to wash-off by rain

Delegate for Controlling Western Bean Cutworm

Scouting tips

Scout early and scout often, at least once every five days from mid-July until August.

Focus on the uppermost three or four leaves of the plant, searching for egg masses on the upper surface of the leaves or larvae on the tassels. Bright sunlight can help you spot shadows of egg masses through leaves.

Scout fields in pre-tassel stage first, as late-planted corn is less at-risk early in the season. After the late-tassel stage, WBC moths prefer to seek out dry beans or later planted corn fields.


Moth Image
  • White band along margin of each wing
  • Wings have a full-moon and boomerang mark


Eggs Image
  • Eggs laid in masses of 5 to 200 eggs
  • Typically on the upper surface of corn leaves, close to tassel
  • Each egg is the size of a pin head
  • They start pearly white and darken towards the time of hatching
  • Egg laying can occur any time from mid-June to the end of August


  • Dark heads with spots along body
  • As they age, heads lighten and bodies turn tan/pink
  • Subtle, lengthwise stripes
  • Dark brown stripes develop behind the head
  • It is important to target larvae before they move into the silks and ears, where they are less likely to be affected by insecticides.
  • After hatching, there is a 5-7 day spray window. Spray applications should be timed at egg hatch or to small larvae.

Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient


  • Insecticide Group

    Group 5

  • Formulations

    Wettable granule

  • Packaging

    6 X 840 g bottles

  • Mode of Action

    Aerial and ground application

  • Rates

    50 to 85 g/ac (120 to 210 g/ha)

  • Additional Information

    Re-entry period: 12 hours

    Pre-harvest interval:
           Field and pop corn: 28 days
           Seed and sweet corn: 1 day

    Directions: Use sufficient water volume to ensure thorough coverage of the plant foliage.

    Delegate is classified as a Class 3 pesticide by Ontario Pesticides Advisory Committee (OPAC). Aerial applications do not require permit in Ontario.