Arylex™ Active Products

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Your spray day decision made easy

Just GO. Choose solutions with Arylex™ active for performance and application flexibility, whether you’re dealing with small or large weeds, in early or late crop staging and even in cool or dry conditions.



Robust active ingredient

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Arylex active is important as it helps you manage weed resistance and timing.

Arylex active benefits

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Flexible application timing and weed staging gives you even more options of when to spray.

Improved broadleaf weed control

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Improved broadleaf weed control with herbicides that contain Arylex active.

Products with Arylex Active

Paradigm™ PRE Herbicide

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Choose Paradigm™ PRE herbicide for annual and perennial broadleaf weed and grass weed control ahead of wheat and barley. Apply Paradigm PRE in the fall for a clean, efficient start next spring.

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Prospect™ Pre-Seed Herbicide

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With Prospect™ herbicide, your canola will have the best start possible. Prospect tank mixed with glyphosate will give you game-changing performance against the toughest broadleaf weeds, including cleavers and hemp-nettle.

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Rezuvant™ Herbicide

Rezuvant herbicide logo

Rezuvant™ herbicide with Arylex™ active combines leading Group 1 grass weed control with outstanding broadleaf technology. Count on it for safe and flexible crop protection in barley.

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Rexade™ Herbicide

Rexade herbicide logo

Rexade™ herbicide is the complete wheat herbicide – a unique all-in-one solution delivering pure performance through convenient grass and broadleaf weed control in wheat.

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Cirpreme™ XC Herbicide

Cirpreme XC herbicide logo

Cirpreme™ XC herbicide provides fail-safe control of the most persistent annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in wheat and barley, helping your crops to thrive.

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Pixxaro™ Herbicide

Pixxaro herbicide logo

Pixxaro™ herbicide, with Arylex™ active, delivers superior annual broadleaf weed control and the ability to spray when you want, in the conditions you’ve got – early or late, on big or small weeds, in hot or cool conditions. Just GO.

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Exhilarate™ Herbicide

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With Arylex™ active Just GO benefits, Exhilarate™ controls all your standard annual broadleaf weeds in wheat and barley.

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Prominex™ Herbicide

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Prominex™ herbicide delivers exceptional control of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds with the convenience of an all-in-one formulation.

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"Convenience is something that growers have been asking for, especially as farms get larger and the number of acres they need to cover in a short period of time becomes more challenging,” says Kelly Bennett, Western Canada herbicides category leader with Corteva Agriscience. “When you throw herbicide-resistant weeds into the mix you need something that makes your herbicide decision-making simple. Arylex is easy to transport, simple to store and is a convenient tank-mix partner."

- Managing weed resistance made simpler with Arylex active herbicides
By Jennifer Barber Freelance Writer