Press Release •  2021-11-08

Corteva Agriscience Canada launches its first nutrient efficiency biostimulant, Utrisha™ N

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Corteva’s newest biological is a sustainable tool for supplying nitrogen throughout the crop cycle in an effective and controlled way,

Calgary, AB, November 8, 2021 – Today, Corteva Agriscience is pleased to launch its first nutrient efficiency biostimulant, Utrisha™ N, giving Canadian farmers a naturally derived biological tool to effectively manage their nitrogen investment, reduce their carbon footprint and provide crops access to nitrogen all season long.

Utrisha™ N works by capturing nitrogen from the air and converting it to a usable form for the plant while enhancing plant growth and resilience by providing crops with a constant supply of nitrogen throughout the lifecycle of the plant.

“Nitrogen remains one of the biggest cost factors for Canadian farmers when growing crops, but it’s readily available in the earth’s atmosphere,” says Kirsten Ratzlaff, Product Manager for Seed Applied Technology, Fungicides & Nutrient Management, Corteva Agriscience Canada. “That’s why we’ve introduced Utrisha™ N, a natural bacterium that fixes nitrogen from the air and provides crops with an alternative source that reduces dependency on nitrogen uptake from the soil.”

Utrisha™ N maximizes crop potential through improved nutrient management. Its mode of action is a naturally found bacteria that can be applied during existing field applications with existing equipment and has an application window that extends beyond the early growing season.

Utrisha™ N is designed for established crops across Canada, including canola, cereals, corn and soybeans. For corn and soybeans in Eastern Canada, application should be in the V4 to V8 stage. For Western Canadian farmers, optimal timing for all types of cereals is the four-leaf jointing stage and in canola, the four leaf to rosette stage, before stem elongation.

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