Insight •  2023-06-15

Why you should take in a field tour this summer

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Summer is the ideal time to take a field tour. It’s an opportunity to experience first-hand how products, especially herbicides, perform under a variety of conditions, connect with experts, and keep up on the latest trends and emerging issues.

While there’s nothing more satisfying than taking a crop tour and checking fields from the cab of your truck, making the time to attend a Corteva Agriscience field tour can yield valuable information and insights to help you make upcoming cropping and product decisions.

Field tours are a great opportunity to see weed control in action, walk fields and experience product performance for yourself. These events are also a chance for speakers to share the latest information on emerging issues, what’s next in agronomy and technology, and advice on what to watch for on your own farms. It’s another way to stay relevant and ahead of industry issues and opportunities and pick up advice to apply to your own weed management approach.

Take advantage of summer field tour opportunities this summer. 

Talk to your trusted agronomist, retailer, or local Corteva Agriscience™ Territory Manager to find field tours near you.