Agronomy •  2024-04-08

What to watch: Enlist™ corn

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corn and weed comparison

Farmers in Eastern Canada are already experiencing what the advanced technology of Enlist™ corn can offer. From the latest broad-spectrum insect protection to exceptional weed control (including resistant and hard to control weeds), Enlist corn is one to watch.

Problem pest protection

Enlist corn is stacked with insect trait technology that provides the greatest broad-spectrum insect protection.

PowerCore® Enlist™ corn is a comprehensive trait package for above-ground pests and weed management. PowerCore Enlist corn features three modes of action against above-ground insect pests for broad-spectrum and long-lasting control. Tolerance to multiple herbicides – including glyphosate, glufosinate, 2,4-D choline, and FOPS – gives you the flexibility in herbicide choice and management practices to help maximize yield.

Vorceed™ Enlist™ corn combines next-generation corn rootworm protection with the power of the Enlist™ weed control system to give you the flexibility to manage the toughest insects and weeds. Vorceed technology also features three ways to protect against corn rootworm, including an RNAi+Cry3Bb1 approach in combination with the proven Bt proteins in DP4114 – watch the short video on this webpage to learn more.

Control the toughest weeds

Enlist corn also provides farmers with most advanced herbicide-tolerant technology on the market — enabling exceptional weed control, ease of use and the ability to apply FOP herbicides for an alternative mode of action for post-emergence grass control.

With tolerance to 2,4-D choline, glyphosate, glufosinate and FOP herbicides, the Enlist corn trait provides more weed control options and greater flexibility.

This new combination of weed control offers farmers the most proactive tool available for problem weeds. Depending on geography, farmers in Eastern Canada face a variety of resistant and hard to control weed challenges. Enlist corn can help those farmers who need to manage and prevent the spread of problem weeds now, while providing other farmers with a new control option before problems arise in their fields.

Following a program approach and using a two-pass pre-emergent and post-emergent system for weed control, Enlist corn helps fields start clean and stay clean. With the ability to apply a post-emerge application up to the V8 stage (average 10-11 leaf stage, or 120 cm), farmers can easily manage late season escapes or problem weeds like waterhemp, fleabane or giant ragweed.

Enlist corn offers farmers more options and effective control of pests and weeds. Contact your retailer or local Corteva Agriscience Territory Manager to learn more about what Enlist corn can offer your farm.